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The Critical Need For Self-Care!

As women entrepreneurs, I know that we give our ‘all’ to our business! I do that – and I know I’m not alone. When I was going through my separation and divorce (and the many other ‘life challenges’ that happened at the same time), I was so fortunate to have one of the best doctors ever. Her advice to me, at the time, was very simple: eat properly, exercise – even just a little bit, and get some sleep.

Exploring the Meaning of Hope

If there is one bad habit we have with our language it is that we tend to trivialize words or phrases so that they lose the original power that they had. I think the real meaning of hope is more complicated than just wishing for an outcome.

Seeking Help For BPD?

Are you looking for help because BPD is making your life a hellhole? Personality disorders are characterized by a wide and constant pattern of cognitions (i.e. thoughts and general beliefs) and behaviors which tend to be stable and resistant to change on the long run. It affects the sufferer and others as well because they do not only come up in certain settings but also when in relation with other people.

You Are Where You Are Meant to Be

‘I’m not meant to be in this mess’ is a statement that implies that firstly you had nothing to do with your current predicament and secondly that you are somehow entitled to better conditions by some ‘right’ (maybe your birth-right?). These two concepts in a persons’ mind will invariably lead to ruin because the second you say you’re out of control of your life you will stop caring what you do. Once you do this how do you expect anything to improve?

What Direction is the Universe Telling You to Take?

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. You see signs all over the place but do you pay attention? Not billboard or direction signs but personal signs like should you go out with that guy or take that job. The universe or spirit is constantly giving you direction but typically you go your own way. How’s that working out for you?

The Waiting Place

When we come in to this world the first thing we should be allowed to see shouldn’t be our Mother’s weary face. It should be a plaque that reads ‘BEWARE THE WAITING PLACE’ and it should be in a red so bright that it actually causes temporary blindness to our infant eyes.

Simple Dating Tips For Any Short Guy

Many men of any height choke at the prospect of approaching new women with the simple goal of just dancing in a club or during a formal event. This job could even prove a lot more intimidating when an individual considers themselves a short guy, lacking the self-confidence that might be displayed by men of taller stature.

Listening and Observing – Keys of Empathy

If you ponder about improving your relationships with the others you might want to take into consideration the power of empathy. Becoming closer to a certain person comes from sharing as much as possible: hobbies, likes, dislikes and, most important, emotions. Knowing how to empathize with the other persons paves the way to a strong relationship.

I Am Confident – Don’t You Agree?

I loved that new movie, didn’t you? I think that person is great, what do you think? We hear these statements from people all the time. They come from people that are not confident about their own opinion, and are worried that if they like something others don’t then they will be shunned.

Healing the World – One Person at a Time

Have you ever felt a desire to make a difference in the world? To, in some way, help a fellow human being and contribute to the well-being of the world. It is almost like a deep longing to connect, share and help. Our individual lives often seem so small in comparison to the rest of the world, indeed the universe, and we wonder how just one person can impact the situation humanity presently finds itself in.

4 Tips For Developing Self Discipline

Sometimes it is hard to be disciplined enough to set goals and follow through. However, when goals are set and time limits are in place, you can achieve your wildest dreams.

Life is Expensive

Everything has its lifetime, no matter how you protect it. That’s why I have this belief – The more you use, the higher the value; the less you use, the higher the price.

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