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Imitation is Praise in Disguise

Imitation is equal to a great fact. It is not bad to imitate an individual or an ideal, if there is good in it. What is the need to imitate others? You can be like you always.

Fear Factor Leads to Failure

Fear is the main reason for failure. Some people suffer from fear even before starting the work. They invite failure before realizing their strengths. There is nothing in this world which you have to fear.

Are You a People Pleaser?

Do you do things just because they will make other people happy? A better question might be are you afraid of doing some things because they will displease some people? The point here is that if your actions are driven by what other people think of you and that drive is to make other people happy you are probably a people pleaser.

Personal Growth – Finding That Which Blinds You

Not everyone is committed to personal growth. I suppose few people actually know what it is. In my mind, personal growth involves expanding mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All three of these involve relationship with others as well as self, which includes the physical body. There are two primary areas of life that assist us in expanding: that which we see and that which we don’t see.

The Root of Insecurity

I am really starting to pick up on other folk’s insecurities; since I have started dealing with my own. It is so easy to misread what someone really means, because of how they act. Our insecurities will cause us to cover and protect ourselves.

Signs of a Passion-less Life

Most of us would love to life a life full of passion and power. With the economy the way it is and all of the disasters in the world some of us have become bogged down and have lost our zest for life. If you are experiencing some the the things I have listed in this article then that might be you. The trick is to turn these signs around because their opposite are signs of living a life full of passion. That is where you really want to be, full of excitement, energy and curiosity for everything around you.

It is Bound to Rub Off

We are all familiar with the saying, “Success breeds success.” Just to make it a bit more clearer, there is also an old Latin proverb that goes like this, “If you always live with those that limp, you will yourself learn to limp.” There is a lot of truth to both of these sayings.

Seven Ways to Practice Listening!

I have been reading through Les Giblin’s book, “How to have power and confidence in dealing with people” for the second time. This has been one of the best personal growth books in the people skills category. Many times we find ourselves talking more than listening. Yet God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth! When dealing with people we must learn to use our ears more than our mouth!

Master the Art of Selling Yourself

If I am talking to you, which does not mean that I am just talking to you. If I am presenting myself to you, I am not just giving my presentation. I am selling my skills to you. I am marketing my services to you. This kind of outlook will help you to excel in your presentation and help grab more business and you can attract more people.

Who Else Wants to Develop a New Personal Vision? Here’s How, and Why

The way we see reality is shaped by our past experiences. That how things are. hat’s how they look. That’s our vision. But does it gave to be like that?

An Open Letter to Those in Their Twenties and Thirties (And Beyond)

Given the opportunity, what would you say to someone in their twenties, if they asked you for advice? Well, no-one’s asked me, but I’m sharing some thoughts, all the same! This open letter suggests avenues for personal growth and happiness.

Personal Development and the Normal Mind

Personal development is a lifetime’s journey with no destination. The journey is fraught with obstacles, the most obvious and difficult of which is your own mind. Your mind is hard-wired to defeat your best efforts and, each morning, your mind reverts to these default settings.

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