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How Do You Keep Your Cool If You’re Pushed to the Limit?

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you let your emotions get the best of you and said or did things you ultimately wish you hadn’t, I invite you to have a look a this article. With the right information and awareness, you can put a stop to negative emotional reactions. This may be just what you need to understand what you can do to keep these negative reactions from becoming something you later regret.

REMOVING THE WEEDS: From Without and Within

The farmer’s task of removing the weeds from among her plants can sometimes be a tedious chore, but nevertheless one that needs to be done. A farmer does not like the sight of weeds in her garden. I can attest to that! Apart from looking unsightly, weeds are those plants that were never a part of the farmer’s gardening plan.

Successful People Master The Art of Follow Through

No! Successful people are not perfect. In fact they probably make more mistakes than most people, due to their willingness to keep trying. However, successful people become resolute on this one thing; success comes to the ones who have decided to have it; and it is in pursuit of their intended goal that they master the art of follow through. They maybe likened unto Edison who failed 10,000 times, or like Abraham Lincoln who failed at numerous businesses before being elected to public office.

Super Ninja Secret Exposed: This Twist On Positive Affirmations Can Make You A Rock Star

Learn the secret that turbo charges positive affirmations so they actually work for you. Knowing this one trick makes all the difference in whether you win or lose in the game of life.

3 Ways to Be In Sync With Your Life’s Compass

I was teaching English in Seoul, Korea when it happened. The magical moment when I tapped into my soul and listened carefully for what it yearned. I longed for freedom of movement, a strong community of people with unique perspectives on life, students to teach and learn from, and a beach.

Looking Beyond the Mark, or Complicating Complications

Life is hard. When it gets hard, people tend to complicate it even more. The proper response to hard time in life is neither necessarily to simplify nor to complicate. It is to get artificiality out of life, and re-establish reality in life.

Is Mind Control Legal?

Do you have control over your mind or does your mind control you? You see, I believe in the power of the mind. The mind is actually, by far, the single most important organ in your body.

How Our Words Are Failing Us

If I’ve learned one thing from my certification training, it’s that our words hurt. The words we internalize are setting us back something fierce.

Become Rich From Your Failures With This Hidden Motivation Source

Can you guess the surefire way that you can learn from your failures and guarantee success? After reading this article it will be clear as a bell. There is a hidden source that can propel you toward your desires, if you know how to find it and use it. Enjoy!

Why Does Passive Aggressive Just Feel Like Aggressive?

Do you know someone who won’t jump into a conversation with their opinion? Won’t rock the boat even when confronted with something that hurts or offends them? Will go along with any decision made and insist that you make all major and minor choices? People who seem to be silent, who appear to walk through their lives without aggression, appear to just “go with the flow” and be labelled as “nice” are actually living lives of very controlled aggressiveness.

How to Install Successful Beliefs Into Your Subconscious Mind

Accepting and internalizing false limiting beliefs is the number one obstacle that gets in our way when we attempt to achieve successful outcomes. Combine them with the negative emotions that have become attached to our experiences and for most of us there is a significant amount of limitation and pain and negative experiences that resides inside of our subconscious mind which hold us back and prevents us from attaining successful outcomes.Think about how many false self-limiting beliefs might be programmed in to your subconscious mind that may be holding you back.

How to Improve Yourself From the Inside Out, And Succeed

Emotions play a vital role in the decision making process. It’s important to know that every decision that you make is determined directly by the balance of attaining pleasure and avoiding pain with the overall purpose being survival. In the typical decision making process, your conscious mind perceives a situation that requires a decision to be made. The subconscious mind then provides the information consisting of all of the related past experiences including the emotions of perceived pain vs. perceived pleasure keeping safety, survival and overall well being of the person in mind.

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