Your Fresh Start Begins Now (10 Minute Guided Meditation)

What Is Luck?

Luck is considered by many to be a force of nature, coming and going as inevitably as the tide. A study has found that “lucky” individuals usually posses many intersecting qualities, including extroverted personalities, a lack of anxiety, open-mindedness, and optimism. Each of these plays an important role in one’s luck production.

INTROVERTS – The Invisible Geniuses

People today are full of Idiosyncrasies. Some have normal habits like drinking coffee or tea, whereas some have ‘less normal’ habits like drinking Fanta with coffee. So,how do we characterize people as Introverts and Extroverts? Realistically, Who are Introverts and Extroverts?

Life Is So Temporary – Live Your Destiny Now Before It’s Too Late

Life is so temporary. It seems like we are here today and then life is almost over. What do we do with our lives? How do we live the temporary life that God gives us. Find out more in today’s article.

I Used to Think I Had Control

I used to think I had control of my life. Well, I had to admit I didn’t. I had children. So I made to let go of being the control freak I once was.

Start Becoming A Better You

Sometimes as a therapist I get the question: How can I become a better person? And the answer is simple: the key to becoming a better person is helping others. We realized we don’t like our present self, and wish to change it, but how?

Message From the Universe: Give More But Expect Less!

People get disappointed with others because of their behavior and selfishness. When you offer help to someone, you have it in your mind that this someone will help you back in time of need. This thought may be true, but in many cases, that person that you helped in the past may go MIA (Missing in Action) on you when the need arise. It is really up to you to determine if this person is a value to you or cut the cord and never speak to them again. It is human nature to always feel you need to get back what you gave to when the need present itself. Expecting this from others will always bring disappointment and it is important to not expect anything back from anyone. If you are willing to offer help to someone, do it from the heart,and nothing more.

Three Pillars of Man

Human beings are not just flesh and bones. We are a combination of the emotions we feel, the decisions we make, the people we are surrounded by and the kind of lives we lead. All these little things have a lot of impact on how we differ from one another. They say that one person has six other people who look just alike but we still are, and always will be our own beings.

The Spirit Knows Our Needs

People everywhere are praying for things important to them. They turn up in churches and kneel before statues and make statements of heart-felt needs. What they don’t realise is that the Spirit knows our needs long before we do.

Back in the Saddle – A Journey of Healing

After a major bike accident, it took almost five years to get back on. How long does healing take? Does it matter?

Ten Ways to Inspire And Promote Yourself In High School

High School really is the culmination of what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future. It’s an exciting time of personal and academic growth. It’s the time to set goals, get serious and explore interests. It is also the time to discover what you are really passionate about.

A Bitter Plant With Sweet Fruit, What Is It?

Do you often get on pins and needles when you can’t control a situation at home or work? Learn unconventional and powerful ways to practice patience and open yourself to a new and more fulfilled life.

How to Wiggle Out of the Mud! – 8

Eliminate the Twin Killers of Success Part 1 – Many worthy goals, promising relationships, and terrific business ideas are ruined by the Twin Killers of Success: speed and greed. This week the focus is on speed (impatience), next week on greed.

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