You Will Feel Great after this 10 minute guided meditation

You Think Differently Than Others

The first and most provable difference between you and everyone else on the planet is that no one is constructed like you. Your body is different from anyone who has ever lived or will ever live – different on the inside and out.

Are You Like the Emperor Without Clothes?

Have you read Hans Christian Andersen’s book, The Emperor’s New Clothes? It’s an old fairy tale of an emperor who loves clothes and paraded them. To a certain extent, there is a bit of that emperor in us. We hold on to thoughts and beliefs worthy of kings. Most of us keep these false self images low while others flaunt them. Whether covert or overt, we don’t take kindly to people who tell us otherwise. Our reactions can range from a cold shoulder, a menacing look, to outright rebuttal which could lose us a friend or sour a relationship.

Are You Ready To Take the “Learn One New Thing a Day” Challenge?

The month of September is associated with the beginning of a new school year. Recently I was reading an article that indicated those that are having the greatest success in current job searches, or just keeping their careers fresh and on track were those who are continual learners. While learning is often associated with a school type of setting, I’ve learned in the last several years that there is no reason each and every one of us cannot learn something new every day.

It’s Counter Intuitive

I still remain a big fan of the television show “Seinfeld”, even after it has been off the air in terms of original shows now for fifteen years. Often my wife will hear me begin a sentence stating, “This reminds me of a Seinfeld..

Why Do We Cheat On Our Spouses?

A question that I am sometimes asked is, “As an adult child of an alcoholic, why am I drawn to cheat on my spouse?” My experience working with ACoA’s as well as with those adults from dysfunctional homes, has lead me to identify unique possibilities that may address the heart of this disheartening matter.

Ego and Success: Are They Strange Bedfellows

Your real or true is that central inner force, common to all human beings, but different in each, which is your deep source of growth, or power. It is your natural self, devoid of any preconceived ideas or pretentions of who are. It comes upon you when you act naturally and spontaneously of the world around you. It’s kind of welcoming an unexpected visit of a very close friend…

Insanely Busy: A Plea for Mental Health

People often accept mental states that–were they translated into physical disorders–would send them immediately in search of medical assistance. Many stress-related problems arise from a lifestyle with an unacceptable level of busy-ness. Taking stock of one’s mental health is the first step in recovering it.

Working Out Is Key to a Healthy Life

Exercise is a great concept. Who wouldn’t like the idea of getting into the shape of their life, building a six pack, and becoming the six million dollar man? Well okay, as close as you can be to the six million dollar man. The problem however, is that life is extremely busy, and it might not always be easy to find the time! The bottom line however, is that exercise is mandatory for those who want to live a productive life, or even live a long fuller life. Regular workouts should be worked into the daily lifestyle and properly observed!

Fear Management and Mastery – How to Defeat the “Everyone Else Comes First” Syndrome

Do we find ourselves saying “no” to things that would make us happy? Do we automatically think of everyone else around us and their needs and wants before we ever consider ourselves? If the answer is “yes”, fear may be the cause. Fear may be defined as concern or anxiety, dread, apprehension, or an emotion aroused by impending danger. In this article, I outline an example in three stages of fear and steps to counter the reaction.

ABC of Expat Woman’s Life: J – Job Anno 2013

It is amazing how the concept of work has changed over the last decades with more and more people deciding to leave a “safe” position in order to pursue their dream, mission, or passion. I have seen many people quitting their jobs and going abroad to start fresh: to set up their own business, to become writers, artists etc. I myself changed my career to become a coach.

You See the Forest But Not the Trees: We Are the Stories We Tell About Ourselves

When enough events that have the same feelings and sensations occur, they lead to the development of a theme or core belief. This theme or belief becomes the filter through which we tell our story and influences our thoughts and actions.

3 Steps to Define Your Personal Values and Live Your Truths

When you are lost in the midst of life’s challenges, your values work like a magnetized needle, carefully redirecting you back on course. How? Values lead you forward by reminding you not only of what you believe, but they also remind you of who you are.

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