You GO ALL IN BUT Are Not Seeing The Results – WATCH THIS!

8 Reasons Why Becoming Successful Is Not Convenient

We all want to be successful, but it’s not going to happen if we stay in our comfort zone. We need to do the things that are inconvenient in order to make a better life.

Use Intuition to Turn the Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Many people might say that they live very mundane, everyday lives. We go about our everyday lives like we did yesterday and the day before, and the day before. How many of us truly stop and think about what we do on a daily basis?

Why Creativity Saved Me

Why does an attorney reconnect to his art skills to make himself happier? What benefits are there to living a creative life instead of trading your time for money? This is my story of how I had to get back my creative life. Maybe it will benefit you too.

Who Are You Right Now?

Who Am I? Have you asked that question of yourself recently? Were you able to come up with an answer?

Courage = Overcoming Fears

How often have you heard discussions about either courage or how courageous someone was, or how courageous certain actions were? Have you ever pondered what this actually meant or represented, and what prompted one individual to appear to exhibit more courage than others? While a specific courageous act might occur as a result of impulse or reaction, it takes far more to exhibit courage on an every day basis, and in our every day activities.

Managing That Person in the Mirror (First)

What is the one constant in your life, no matter where you go, how you feel, what you do or whom you’re with? Answer: You.

The Capacity

Capacity concerns storing, doing, learning, or having authority. What can a person do? What can’t a person do? What can a person learn, understand, and remember? It turns out that a person can do, understand, remember, and learn just about anything. We people just need to understand that and put the knowledge to work.

4 Free Meditation Techniques Beginners Will Find Useful

When I first started meditating, I had a difficult time settling my mind. But after a year, I don’t know what I did without the practice. In an effort to “spread the word” I put together some free meditation techniques beginners can use to help introduce themselves to the practice.

Is Relaxation The Answer?

Stress may be a problem, but trying to force ourselves relax is not always the answer. To relax can become another demand and increase the stress. Relief of stress is an individual matter, and not every method suits everybody. The key is to accept your stress, recognize it as a symptom of some kind of overload, and then consider the approach best suited for your present circumstances to ease the pressure. A five minuter breather, a resolve for change in the future, even raiding the refrigerator can be effective when done without the pressure of guilt.

The Secret to Great Speaking Skills: Techniques to Improving Your Social Performance

Your speaking skills (conversation skills) have a powerful impact on your overall personal or professional performance? Many people overlook their speaking skills when enhancing their personal and professional development. Your speaking skills may decrease or increase your credibility. How you are perceived is in the ear of the listener. You can be perceived as a worthy person or as an unworthy person.

Internal Change Is Not in a Straight LIne

Have you noticed that changes we make in life start on the inside? It begins with inner questioning following a period of contentment. This inner restlessness encourages us to develop ourselves to be who we are capable of being.

The Magic Of Believing

The Magic Of Believing, by Claude Bristol is one of my favorite books. If you are looking for a guide to better understand and implement the power of the mind, this is it. Along with Think And Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, The Magic Of Believing is probably my favorite book.

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