“You Are Worthy! Consider Your Manifestation ALREADY DONE!” [A Divine Message from the Universe]

Making Life Changes That Stick

Often times you set out on a journey to make a life change and somewhere along the way you get sidetracked. How did that happen? Here are 6 questions to ask yourself to change you mindset and finally make those life changes stick.

Are You Making The Right Change?

Change isn’t meant to shock us or destroy our lives, it is designed to help us grow, fulfill our desires, and increase the knowledge and value we bring to this world. Change is inevitable and if you are feeling the winds of change in your life now, it’s important to be certain that you are making choices based on inspiration and purpose rather than fear and hiding. This article is designed to help you do just that.

So The Court Says You Need Treatment: Tips of Empowerment for You

When the court decides that you need to attend a class or program, how can you become empowered again? The experience of being court ordered to treatment can be discouraging. Learn how to regain control and maximize your growth.

Boost Your Charisma – Celebrate Your Heroes and Find The Hero In You

Who is your hero? A great way to boost your charisma is to acknowledge your heroes: the people who have changed your personality or your life for the better. Celebrate those heroes and get inspired to be one yourself.

FEAR – How We Should Embrace It

I describe the fundamentals of fear and how we are born with the simplest of fears. As we grow we overcome some fears naturally, even effortlessly while others linger for years and we think we will never outgrow them. As we mature we can and should embrace fears we do have to drive us out of our comfort zone and achieve new heights. This also allows our confidence to grow as we learn new skills and gain more self respect and build our self-esteem…

Raising Expectations

Success is not the absence of goals, and perfectly fulfilling that absence. We consider people to be successes when they do things that are not ordinarily done, or are done in an extraordinary way. Whatever limitations you believe about yourself, you can raise your expectations and be more than you thought you could be. Let’s talk about daring to dream.

If You Want to Succeed, You MUST Stay Motivated

If you, like most of us, find yourself trying to create and set goals and then stay motivated to see them through, I invite you to have a look at this article. In it I share some ideas and experiences that will first let you know you’re not alone when you lose motivation while working towards achieving your goals, and then I also give you some ideas and methods to help you stay motivated and get back on track.

Beware the Land of Self-Shoulding

Shoulding on yourself serves no useful purpose. In fact, it’s worse than useless. The more time you spend in the land of Self-Should the more it creates stress, drains energy, saps your creativity, wears you out, wastes time, occupies mind-space, negatively affects your self-esteem, and just generally makes you feel yucky. Here are two key steps to keep you from getting stuck in should.

The Don’ts Of Living LIFE

It often appears that nearly everyone wants a better or more meaningful life, yet few of us make the efforts or pay sufficient attention to exactly what we should do, and also must avoid doing, in order to have the kind of life we claim we desire. We often witness personal development seminars, and read related articles, about what a meaningful life entails, and what we might need to do, or seek. However, rarely are there discussions about what needs to be avoided, which for the sake of this articles, will be referred to ad the don’ts of living one’s…

Congruence – What It Is and How To Demonstrate It

Have you ever come in to contact with someone who just seemed like they had it all together? They didn’t just talk the talk but actually walked the walk too. It’s almost as if they had no holes in their personality. Well if you have, then you probably came across someone with congruence.

Make Yourself Fire Proof by Becoming More Valuable, Be the Go to Guy/Gal in Your Company or Industry

By implementing 90 day learning cycles you will increase your value in the market place. You can become the go to guy or gal at your company or industry.

The Dark Side of Over Giving

I’ve written about the perils of over giving in your business and how to make a mind shift to taking yourself and your business seriously and getting paid good money for the value you deliver. Now I want to talk about the shadow side of always over giving. This is a subject that I’ve looked at increasingly for years now as it became apparent to me that I am – gasp! – co-dependent.

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