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How To Stay Present When You Start Your Day

When we wake up in the morning, where do our thoughts go? Do they run to the things we have to do? Are they filled with memories of yesterday and worries for tomorrow? How we think and feel when we wake up has a lot to do with how we will perceive the day.

Are We Too Technology Dependent?

During the aftermath of the recent hurricane, where my house was without power for more than six days, I came to realize that we have become so dependent on our power/ electric supply, that it truly gave us an appreciation of some of the aspects of life in the Old West. Many of us think of power as only our lights, but it is incredible how interwoven our lives have become with our dependence of having power, and how we have come to take it for granted.

Secrets to Discovering Your Personal Power

Empowerment is not something that can be done on the external through the wearing of gorgeous clothes, expensive makeup and having the ability to afford expensive dining and traveling. Those are external material things that are times used to mask the lack of inner power. However, empowerment means to strengthen you from the inside out. Abuse on any level, whether emotional, verbal and/or physical occurs when an individual is lacking in self-love and has extremely low self-esteem and having those feelings can wreak havoc on an individual’s mental state.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Change

In order to feel more at ease about our future, we need to look at life from another perspective. Instead of assuming we are in a revolving pattern in life, we need to understand we are always and only going forward.

The World Is Changing – Are You?

The world is changing at lightning speed. We know this and since everything is our mirror, I wonder how many of us are reflecting this change internally? Are we embracing new ways of doing, seeing and being in our world or is it the same old, same old? We know we want things to be different; yet initiating change is by far one of the most challenging aspects to conquer. And without it, we just don’t grow.

How to Become an Extrovert: 5 Tips for Being More Sociable With People

Learning how to become an extrovert can be a daunting task. And if you’re anything like me, just being told to “get off the couch” and “get out more” doesn’t quite seem to cut it. So I’m here to offer some tips and strategies you can implement into your life immediately to get some more results with your social life.

Letting Go Of Sadness

Where does sadness come from when you don’t understand its presence? Why is it there when you see no reason for it?

Psycho-Spiritual Transformation: King Kong and the Ageless Paradigm

In psycho-spiritual psychotherapy personal transformation takes place undramatically, although the process of arriving may be endlessly dramatic, intense and extreme: everything changes and yet nothing has changed. It is analogous to dramatic “special effects” in Hollywood movies. The first “special effect” in life is early conditioning — the experience of real life is rubbed away by the hypnotic trance of conditioned thought and behavior. The hope for a human being is to realize his or her true nature by allowing the wise soul to guide the compulsive instinctual nature, not the other way round. Fear and desire must be tempered with a higher wisdom within the human psyche, or it will be consumed and overwhelmed by its baser nature.

The Devastation of Inner Emptiness

The news stories of sexual addiction lead us to ask “Why?” One of the sad truths in our society is how empty many people feel, and the devastation their emptiness causes others through their resulting addictive behavior.

Do You Have Attitude?

The right attitude can move mountains. The right attitude can get you great possessions. The right attitude can help you earn great sums of money. The right attitude can help you get almost anything in the world you desire. If your attitude is on target – nothing in life can ever stop you.

What’s That Person Here to Teach You?

Have you ever had someone in your life who drives you crazy every time you see or speak to them? Someone you would avoid if you could, but somehow they just keep being there?

How to Stop Making Mistakes and Find Solutions to Your Problems

If you belong to a psychological type based on thoughts, you tend to build your life based on what you think that should be good for you, without paying attention to the way you feel. If you belong to a psychological type based on feelings, your life is based on your emotions. You tend to make ridiculous extravagances and act like a child. If you belong to a psychological type based on sensations, you care only about having pleasures in life. If you belong to a psychological type based on intuition, you live thinking about tomorrow.

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