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Creating Positive Changes In Your Life

The art of creating change in our lives is an on-going process, which is worth our time, energy and effort. Change is not a word that many people love embracing. But it is essential to our growth, development and well-being. We should always be changing, because change is necessary if we are going to be better and get better at anything. This is certainly true when it comes to our character. Becoming a better you involves evolving. It demands change. Do not be afraid of what it will take to transform your life. Rather, keep your eyes and attention on the results of the changes you need to make in order to develop good, wholesome and godly character. What is character?

Becoming a Change Agent

Whatever industry, profession, community, or culture you are from, we’re certain you have encountered a ‘change agent’ at some time. What is a change agent? A change agent is a person, regardless of age or gender, that lives in the future, is passionate about a purpose or cause; and, can motivate others to believe in and commit to the work of that belief. Could you tap your inner resources to become a change agent?

My Personal Life Coach Training Secrets

Life coaching is based on positive action. You can accomplish much more while working with a trainer than you could going it alone. Coaching empowers, stimulates and motivates you, helping you to break through your limiting beliefs and devastating self-doubt. They help create motivation, offer support and establish a powerful form of accountability.

To Grow As a Person, You Must Let Go of Things Holding You Back From Your Past

To grow as a person, you must let go to things holding you back from your past. For most of us this is an easier said than done concept. The reality is the memories are very real to most people and those memories of the past can haunt us well into our future if we allow them to.

See Yourself for Who You Really Are

We all know what it is like to not feel or be fully present with who we really are. Sometimes life seems only just barely manageable, with so much to do and take care of, that we get pulled away from our true self and yet it is our responsibility to and for ourselves to maintain this balance.

Making Use Of One’s Own Personal Development Power

Self-improvement is centred on constant, progressive transformation that can help people enhance both their living conditions along with their inner selves. The goal wasn’t only about obtaining financial wealth or material things. It is more about acquiring all of the attributes we tend to praise in other people: self-esteem, confidence, and so on. Nevertheless, most of us tend not to think about this kind of stuff until finally we find that everything we are doing is just not working, not even at the most basic level. Should it be functioning “a little bit,” then we often settle for a lot less than what we can achieve and go along merely putting just one foot after the other, day-to-day, basically to make it through in everyday life. This article is about how you can tap into your personal power and enhance your life.

Increase Vertical: 4 Steps to Jump Higher

Many sports strive on how high you jump, such as basketball, volleyball, football or if you participate in track. The higher you can jump is extremely important, especially if 4 inches added to your vertical would of saved you the game. Practice using these steps to increase your performance.

Relating To People When You Have Changed

Do you find yourself stuck in the same role in life, not only with yourself but with the people you know? Because people see you in a certain way, do you keep acting that way? Sometimes it is hard to be who you really are when the interactions you have with people keep you locked in a certain role.

If You Win a Million Bucks, What Do You Plan to Do?

So the saying goes, it’s not the income that makes us rich or poor, it’s the expenses that we need to settle. If you will be given the chance to become a millionaire for a day, what would you do with the money? Divide It into Two Open a bank account, keep the half then start planning about the other half.

MLM Success Tips – Personal Development Is the Key to Having More and Being More!

To Have More You Must Be More! Personal Development is the Key to Having More and Being More! Whatever it is we always have determined our own fate. Our Hard Drive Brains are programmed by life and environment. Mind Over Habit or Should it be Machine? We Have a Choice, we can reprogram. The Actions We Take solidify the new programming. The Learning Curve is an advantage not an obstacle.

Why Building Confidence Is Important

Unfortunately, a lack of confidence can undermine your efforts and your dreams in ways that you might not even suspect. Without confidence, all of your potential and your abilities could be for nothing. In fact, those people who are lacking confidence often feel to afraid or too timid to make the most of their abilities.

Shaolin Kung Fu and Bodhidarma

True Story: My daughter, Samantha, and I were hiking through the rain forest in Costa Rica when we saw a group of six or eight howler monkeys traveling through the low branches above us. We followed them for a while and Samantha was particularly intrigued by a baby monkey in the group.

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