You Are Full of Possibilities Guided Meditation

Today’s Actions Are Tomorrow’s Probabilities

It is imperative to have a long-term mindset in order to identify the correct actions today, even though the future effects may seem so distant. This is one of the most difficult tasks to ask from our brain.

You Have an Inner Beauty!

Physical beauty is what almost everyone is fixated on these days, so much so that it overwhelms all consideration of intelligence or personality. The question now of course, is where inner beauty actually fits in.

What a Cat Mommy Can Teach You About Dealing With Your Emotions

I cried this morning and asked myself if there was another way to deal with my bittersweet emotions. Keep reading to the end and let the wisdom of our cat mommy, Kiki, show you the best way to deal with your emotions when saying goodbye to your best friend.

Being in Control of All Aspects of Life

There are two kinds of control over other people: wisdom-based control and fear-based control. The most obvious example of wisdom-based control is in child rearing. You are in total control of your infant child.

3 Simple Ways to Be Happy Now

One life lesson we may learn too well is to seek happiness in good things ahead. We look to that future moment when we’ll get that promotion, realize that dream, buy that special thing, or take that vacation, as the time when we’ll be happy. However, if that is your primary focus, you may find yourself caught in the stress of forever-seeking and never fully enjoy what is happening right now. In this article, we’ll look at how three simple ways to be happy right now while doing what is most important to you.

3 Ways to Improve Your Listening Skills and Develop Better Communication Skills

Your boss will wonder what happened to you. Your friends will feel like they are worth a million. Your spouse will become your true soul mate. It only takes a little tuning in to the people that you talk with every day. Here are three easy ways to improve your communication skills and gain the benefits.

Making Your Dreams Come To Pass

As children, we dream, and we dream big and wide. Sadly, as we mature as adults, and as we experience the hardships of life, our dreams die with our childhood. We think that our dreams were immature or unrealistic, and we don’t carry on with our dreams.

Three Important Life Lessons From the Littlest Teacher

Do you struggle to lose weight and need motivation? Here’s how you can find motivation in the most surprising places with the littlest faces!

Is Fear Of Losing Your Important Relationships Holding You Back From Making The Income You Deserve?

As a coach of female entrepreneurs, I am well aware that the relationship women have with money is different from that of men. Men are generally motivated by the energy of providing; whereas, women have a greater desire to serve and make a difference through their life work.

How To Turn Down An Invitation You Don’t Want

All of us are faced with the question of how to turn down an invitation we don’t want to accept. Many of us handle this awkward situation quite badly, and sometimes we end up hurting the person who invited us, or we end up going to an event we really didn’t want to attend. It is important to learn how to turn down unwanted invitations in a graceful manner without hurting anybody’s feelings, including your own.

SHAME: The Forgotten Emotion – A Treatment Plan

Shame, more than any other emotion, can be seen as the enemy within. It is for many the forgotten emotion. Indeed in research for this article, I was starkly reminded of the of the little that is written in the literature on the consequences of shame or even what shame is as an emotion. Freud, for example, concentrated on the subject of guilt rather than shame and from my own discipline it is only in recent times that Transactional Analysts have written on shame in any real depth. In some ways this is a strange phenomena, that so little has been written on the subject.

Dressing It Right!

Corporate dressing certainly depicts a positive picture and restores the confidence within the customers, business partners and the clients. But not every one of us is aware about the mantra of getting dressed in the right way. Let us look at the areas that will help you to get that perfect corporate look.

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