You are a Miracle 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Heaven Should Have Waited – I Wish I Had Not

In the wee hours of the night in September 2003, a phone call rocked my world while I slept in my husband’s arms. My friend’s oldest daughter was on the other line with news that her mother, my friend Vicki, had suddenly passed away.

Different Yet The Same

I recently attended a global HR conference in Europe where I had the pleasure of observing people from many different cultures. If I am not mistaken there were people from all five continents present. It was a mix of women and men, white and brown, internal and external consultants, married and single, gay and straight, etc., etc. etc.; you get the point. As I was observing all of us (including me), I noticed that despite the many differences there were plenty of similarities between us. The phenomenon of being different yet the same left me in an inquiry that I am still processing a week later.

Methods of Relationship Therapy and Object Relations Within a Therapy Session

Relationship methods and techniques, as well as Object Relation ideas, are described throughout the therapy session outlined in the article. Also they are analysed and commented on within the article.

A Model for the Development of Personal Growth and Emotional Intelligence

The Importance of Personal growth and Emotional Intelligence. The development of EQ is as important as IQ especially in the area of your own Personal development and an understanding of the self The higher your EQ is the better chance you will have of being a success in social and personal relationships.

Speed Learning Techniques – Self-Managed Learning

Read all about the ways self managed learning can be beneficial for you and what you can do to make it the most positive experience for yourself. Learn how these techniques should help you to improve your current state.

Understanding Others – How To Get Better

How often do people do something that makes you shake your head and think, ‘I wouldn’t have done it like that’ or words to that effect? Learning that our way is not the only right way can be quite a hard process. Understanding the other person makes everything become clear; or at least clearer. By delving into a personality profiling system you provide yourself with a language to describe behaviour, the outward demonstration of personality, which can be used to assist you in working with other people.

Mining for Diamonds in Your Own Life

Want to know a really, really COOL secret? YOU are an acre of diamonds. Why? NOBODY is like you. You already bring positive aspects to the table simply by being you. Your focus should be on how to enrich those positive aspects, rarely on how to create new ones. Stop wasting time and energy on something that is not going to change.

Study Proves Height Is Directly Linked to Living Standards

New research has shown that people with better living standards grow taller. This conclusion was reached through a study conducted by Professor Bernard Harris from the University of South Hampton. He also found that natives of Scotland were taller than those of England 200 years ago, but they are now notably shorter. This shows the connection between nutrition and economic development and height.

Get In Line

We have all waited in line for something. It is neither always easy nor fun to wait in line but, we believe, it is usually worth the wait. While we are in line waiting we probably grow weary. While we are in line waiting we possibly get bored. While we are in line waiting we may get anxious or even give up.

Taking Responsibility for the Elements of Our Environment

Too often the human race removes itself from the natural environment. We use it and abuse it as if it is only to serve our whims and desires. But since the beginning of life and time, we have been given the task of caretaking. Yes, it makes provision for our lives but the environment is not our slave. We are to tend the garden, to nurture, protect and defend it. It is time. It is time for South Africa and any other place in the world that dismiss this crucial element of wellness to stand up and make a change.

Six Characteristics of Success

When you study success, you’ll find unequivocally that successful people in any endeavor have one thing in common: they think differently than less successful people. Roger Ailes, the founder and CEO of the Fox News Channel, is quoted as saying: “There’s a big difference between those who want to be something and those who want to do something. About 95 percent of America is made up of people who want to be something, and they cause all the problems that have to be solved by the five percent who want to do something…” Not only do successful people think differently, they also have certain characteristics that set them apart. Here are six prominent characteristics of successful people.

Defining Visualization and How It Helps You Grow

Did you know that there are numerous tools you can utilize to assist you in living the life you dream of? If you are willing to be open-minded regarding these techniques you can learn how to make significant changes in the way in which you view your future and attain your goals.

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