Yoga Nidra Sleep Meditation Guided with Female Voice

For Good Workers: Generosity

It is sad to hear from some people who works well, that they aren’t paid justly. Still there are others who could not get approved reimbursements, and refund paid contributions. Some private entities (big or small) aren’t giving what is due to Caesar.

How Are You Contributing to Your Love Banks?

Your love bank is similar to your bank account for money. When you put money into an account, it collects interest and as minimal as that might be, it’s still an investment. The more money you contribute, the more dividends you receive. What happens if you continue to take money out? Your account becomes depleted, and before you know it, you are paying overdraft fees, or you have to close your account. Let’s imagine you open a love account; the principal of adding to, or taking away from, are no different than your money account.

Unconditional Love – How to Develop Intimacy With the Presence of Unconditional Love

Often times we’re searching for love outside ourselves only to be disappointed because of the impossible expectations we put on others to satisfy the inner longing for Unconditional Love within our hearts. Whether it’s your parents, friends, spouse or children, the pure and flawless love we all search for still seem to elude us every time.

How To Be Helpful

Sometimes we think we’re being helpful, but how can you be sure you are? When you give so much to others but become depleted in the process, maybe you need to look again at how helpful you’re really being.

Successful Habits: Create 3 Today

If you do something over and over again it will become a habit. Why not aim to create successful habits to achieve success in life? What is the key difference between those who succeed and those who fail? I believe one of the biggest differences is self discipline and persistence.

Journaling for Self-Discovery: What’s Your “Wow Moment”?

Everyone can remember at least a moment or two when profound understanding or particular perceptions suddenly came to them with unique clarity; experiences that were powerful enough to influence their life ever after. You can heighten self-knowledge by reflecting on such experiences in your journal writing. Here’s how.

Concentration – 5 Ways To Improve Yours

Distraction can be found in all forms from a really interesting TV show, blaring rock music or even the pitter patter of the rain as it hits the roof. When this happens, a person fails to focus on the task they’re supposed to be handling, translating to poor quality results as well as delays in completing jobs.

How to Recognize and Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting out of your comfort zone is easier said than done. To some degree we all live in a bubble and most bubbles are a choice.

Emotional Intelligence – How To Develop Yours

All admirable man-made innovations and human discoveries has been credited to man’s intelligence. Man’s brain has allowed him to experience his first step on a different planet. It has enabled many ground-breaking cures for illnesses initially discovered to be fatal and has even enabled man to discover his past, origin and evolution.

From a Diamond in the Rough

For most of us I am afraid, were we to look upon a diamond in its uncut or original state, we would have some appreciation for its appearance, however, more than likely, we would underestimate the value of this gem. After it has been appraised by one who recognizes its potential, however, the changes that take place for this rock, are phenomenal. Can you imagine what it would be like, were you born to a silver spoon?

Gracian: A Pocket Oracle

The words of the sages are chants for life. There are those who make a list, and that is why we have sacred books. People of older times made sure we would be getting something.

Why Do We Kill Ourselves In Pursuit of The Missing Something?

Wealth or the appearance of it may be an extension of one not a restraining element of life afraid of release or true freedom. It would appear that with pre-nuptials and extra sensory safeguards in place to protect ones net worth the essence of life is never addressed whereas the minuscule details of worldly attributes assume precedence, almost with a cowardly inference. How wonderful would our world be for the vast majority anyway, if meditation was an essential part of life from conception to final exhalation?

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