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Help Reveal a Child’s Brilliance Within and Uncover Your Brilliance Too!

Exposing the brilliance within humanity’s children is a reflection of society’s desire and commitment to identify individual attitudes and beliefs reflective of the global discord and challenges people of all ages face. Failure to do so is tantamount to humanity’s inability to make sense of the world they live in. Adults who know and understand the nature of their own brilliance are to spark that same knowing and understanding in children. It begins first with a Learn to Learn appreciation of how we interpret life’s circumstances, coincidences, and consequences.

Addictions and the Need for a Spiritual Experience

Jung considered the struggle of an alcoholic against dependency was, in fact, one with spirit. He called attention that “alcohol’ in Latin is spiritus,’ the same word for the highest religious experience as well as for the most depraving poison. Therefore, the helpful formula is: spiritus contra spiritum.

Happiness: Can We Choose Between Psychosis or Wisdom? A Jungian Approach to a Happy Life

This article describes Jung’s struggle to overcome a difficult period in his life, when he got close to psychosis. He then developed the method of Active Imagination. We all can use Active Imagination to help us in our search of happiness.

Mental – Psychological Health

Do we go beyond the terms of depression, anxiety or panic attacks, looking for the root of the problems. Do we use the courage we have to face our fears and find our true selves?

Imagination, Fantasy, and Play: Personal Growth Is Just Some Fun Away

Imagination and play are doorways into hidden parts of ourselves. Let yourself play and be curious like a child again to help you towards self-growth.

Success and Enjoying Life With Five Monkeys

The three monkeys seeing, hearing and speaking no evil has symbolized a path to trouble free living for hundreds of years. Here’s an idea building on that foundation. A modern mental picture to remind us what the path to success looks like.

How To Let Go Of Needing To Be Needed

Needing to be needed is a dysfunctional codependent emotional pattern of thought, beliefs and ultimate behavior that has its roots in childhood. When children are taught that they need to worry more about what others think about them, than what they think about themselves, and thus they are forced to develop coping skills in order to survive the frightening illusions their caretakers have taught them to believe in, they sometimes confuse feeling needed with feeling loved. Love involves choice. Need however, is based on fear of abandonment, rejection, and unworthiness. Need is fueled by a neurotic compulsion and even manipulation. Manipulating others into needing us is unfair, immature, and suffocating. Learning to let go, and then learning to fulfill our own needs is loving ourselves as well as others in a more healthy way.

How to Gain Control of Your Emotions

Nothing is permanent. Nothing that exists is not in a state of constant flux. Nothing is concrete, and nothing is for certain. To ‘attach’ oneself to an idea, outcome or person, is to pinch oneself off from freedom and thus personal happiness. Only when the mind is able to release its unrealistic and unconscious attachments to things outside of itself, can one be truly free and thus happy now.

Change Your Brain and Change Your Body

In speaking of change, it is important to speak of the physical changes that occur in your body as you welcome and create change in areas of your brain. It is always interesting for me to note where a client I’m initially working with carries their stress in their body. Each person is unique in where extreme levels of stress show up within their bodies.

Psychology or Spirituality?

Life is a miracle, you are a miracle! Don’t stop discovering and inventing yourself!

Be Successful AND Happy

Now you can be happy and successful at the same time. Think about this…

Being Balanced/Healthy

All ancient scripts from around the world provide guidance and suggestions on how to keep our bodies healthy. Happiness is revealed as a natural state of being in response to healthy living. We already know that our body is a sophisticated device; lets investigate what keeps it full of energy and life.

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