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The Yin and Yang of Solitude and Intimacy: Recognizing This Balance in Your Relationship

How we experience our own sense of self just may reflect the way we experience other people (as trusting, lovable, knowable, real or unreal, equal or less than, a source of anxiety or a source of pleasure). Solitude offers a connection with the energy of my body, my soul, and with Spirit. It provides the opportunity for renewal; the chance to check out what I am feeling and thinking; to cease being attentive to the needs of others; to drift and dream. Intimacy can be a beautiful and exhilarating exchange. It involves sharing the truth of our thoughts and feelings openly with others, even when it’s difficult to do so.

The Challenge to Trust Yourself

Self-trust is posed as an orientation in life that isn’t easily acquired. The challenge is to identify whether or not you’re usually and most often trusting others to know what is best of you. When you can trust yourself, you walk on the road “less traveled.”

7 Ways to Successfully Find Your Purpose in Life

It does not matter which way the wind blows if you don’t know which harbor you are heading to – living a successful life means finding your life purpose! Discover how to uncover your mission!

Three Blessings of Perception to Navigate Life’s Choices

The three blessings of perception are keys to the highest levels of making decisions, solving problems and living the best life possible. Humility added to recognizing the relativity of everything and tapping into the experiences of others is a sure-fire formula for continuous learning and raising the bar for a more prosperous, peaceful and fulfilling life.

Getting to Know You: A Necessary Requirement

This article addresses how we can improve our self esteem by taking an honest look at ourselves, appreciating the positives and working to change the negatives. It concerns Tony, who, after several failed marriages, found himself wondering, “What’s wrong with me?”

50/50 Never Works in Relationships

The old cliche: in order to make it work we have to have a 50/50 deal. You have to do your part and I have to do mine. We have to split things evenly. This business partnership will only work if it is 50/50. This marriage will only work if it is 50/50. Otherwise it is never going to work. Any of that sound familiar to you? We have heard that one before. Of course we have. Yet things don’t work when we give 50 and the other person gives 50. Trust me. We tried it in business. We tired it in marriage. And what we have found to many times is that things still don’t work. Why?

From Pain To Positive

According to Martin Seligman, we typically respond to tragic events with sadness, detachment from goals, and depression. When these symptoms persist, chronic depression can occur. However, permanently carrying the label of depression can become self perpetuating. We are actually wired to survive.

Who Am I? A Look at the Four Personality Types

Have you ever gotten caught up in a conflict with someone at work, but had no idea why it happened? You like the person you’re dating, but you have questions about some of his behaviors. Have you ever asked yourself how you got into a completely unexpected situation? Have you ever wondered why a friend is suddenly treating you coolly? Most of us have. The answers about you, me and everyone else lie in our personality types. Everything: feelings, thoughts, and behaviors all start there.

The Power In Your Words

When someone asks you how you are, do you answer “not bad” or with some other double negative? Do you believe in the power of you words to impact your life?

What to Look for in Personal Development Seminars

You want to improve yourself. Maybe you are not happy with the person you have become. Maybe your spouse thinks you need to work out some issues.

Bring In Wealth, Self Confidence And Love With These Affirmations

Positive affirmations work for a lot of people. Learn how you can bring in wealth, self confidence and love by using affirmations.

Change Your Current Circumstances And Get The Results You Want

What can you do to become more aware, work at your full potential, and realize your goals? What will allow you to choose positive thoughts even in gloomy situations? It is your level of awareness. Change your current circumstances in life.

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