Why you’re not manifesting what you want [MUST WATCH!!]

Change The Formula To Produce Success

Thought: In life as well as nature, everything that occurs happens in a sequence. Another association to the sequences in nature is a formula. Learn the importance of using the proper formulas to produce success and excellence in your life.

The Importance of Living in the Present

The past and the future are important to consider, but it is the present that we are living in right now. Being present in the present means that we get the most out of life as we live it.

The Importance of Gaining Knowledge

Knowledge is vital to success. And knowledge is always available. Yet many people do not avail themselves of the privilege of learning, knowing and growing. You should always aim on being informed about the areas of life which interest you. You should also learn about the issues of life which may affect the lives of those who look to you for insight and advice. People are always looking for knowledge. However, because the person or people who they seek counsel from do not read, study and learn, they only give them what I call ‘dark knowledge’. Dark knowledge is information given in ignorance of the subject under discussion. Why ask a person about how to handle finances, who do not even have a bank book, or who is broker than you are? Why ask someone who is always sick, how to receive healing and live a healthy life? Your knowledge needs to come from informed sources.

We Were Once

If statistics are correct, the majority of us will say good-bye to a spouse or two before we are through with our journey in the here and now. We grow and change, they don’t; they grow and change, we don’t. It is all a matter of perspective and probably the most basic “he said/she said” kerfuffle of all time, huh?

Your Weakness’s – What Are They?

This is one of a dreaded type of question that people insist on asking at interviews, yet really has no real point to it. I guess the logic behind it is to try and get a sense of whether or not the person being interviewed has some level of self awareness and is willing to reflect on themselves as a person with a view to being critical enough of themselves in order to change. Truth is that the question doesn’t really give you a sense of that at all.

Yes Yoda, There Is a ‘Try’ – It Just Sucks

Yoda said, “Do or do not… there is no try.” But there is a “try” and doing it will stop you from ever moving forward.

The Tools Required For Success

Go ahead and just envision this for a moment. If you were going to build a big new dwelling. Do you think you might just proceed on out, pick up a bit of lumber, possibly a few rolls of flooring, a few dry wall as well as some screws and glue, next go on to the house and merely start nailing some sections of lumber and crossing your fingers the fantasy manor appears?

How to Learn From Turmoil

Life is difficult enough without getting stuck in the though filled mire that’s abundantly available. How does that happen? When you place more importance on opinions given by another than what you are feeling in your own heart. You must fine tune the steering of your daily experiences to move forward in these times.

Self-Confidence Verse Egotism

Self-confidence is something you MUST build in order to succeed at anything you try. If you don’t have confidence in yourself you will not try harder than the average person when it’s the little extra that is needed. Self-confidence comes about by trusting in yourself and succeeding over and over again. Each time you succeed your self-confidence grows which leads you to trust yourself more, this process is an endless growing loop. Being self-confident is realizing just what you know and how good you are at it. It’s reaching a point and knowing you do not have the skill or knowledge to go beyond, and therefore seek either more knowledge or someone to complete the task.

5 Things Black Men Must Do To Get Ahead

This article is meant to be a clarion call to all black men. It’s time to man-up and do what’s necessary to get ahead.

5 Tips to Overcoming Shyness

Are you feeling a little shy? You’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from a lack of confidence. The good news is that you can overcome this! How do I know? I did it myself! Use these 5 tips to get started coming out of your shell today!

Where Fear Rules Success Hides

Napoleon Hill quoted in his course, “Law of Success,” “Fear is the dungeon of the mind into which it runs and hides and seeks seclusion. Fear brings on superstition and superstition is the dagger with which hypocrisy assassinates the soul.” When fear controls you there is no possibility of success; you are afraid to take chances, to trust yourself and your self-confidence is nonexistent. If you fear what people will say or think about you than you will not take the chances you need to take. If you fear being embarrassed then you will not do what is needed, not make certain choices, or ask that certain person out. If you hold onto the fear of failure that is just what you will achieve, failure; you are sentencing yourself to a lifetime of misery with no hope in sight. Remember, the thought, especially something like fear, in your mind consistently with extreme emotions (fear) will burn itself into your subconscious mind and lead you down the path you focus on.

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