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Infuse Life With Action

Taking action is one of the most crucial steps in effectuating change. However, as most of us know, every so often it is very tough to take that first step to reach our dreams.

How to Stay Strong When Things Go Wrong

Setbacks and disappointments are a natural part of life. Learning how to effectively deal with them, can help us develop resilience. Here are a few key concepts to consider so you won’t be manipulated by external circumstances or emotions, and stay strong instead.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Leadership Lesson

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” What one thing do you want to change in your life, that will improve it?

The Quality Of Your Life Proceeds From What You Hold In Your Heart And Mind

Take your hand and place it on your heart. What do you feel? Some would say nothing while others can attune to the energy in that area because the heart has a subtle energy. We are used to processing thoughts and rarely take the time to perceive the quiet stirring of our heart. It is said, the heart is the seat of the soul with a language of its own, not perceived through thought.

You Can Oppose What You’re Experiencing or Create a Better Outcome

What is troubling you in your life right now? Has it been occupying your time and energy? Sometimes, no sooner than we have dealt with an issue, another one emerges and we wonder when it will ever end. What is going on that we keep experiencing problems and resistance? Are they real problems or an opportunity to heal aspects of our life that need attention?

Bloods of Passion Plays Voices From Our Past

The dividing line in your life begins the moment you hunger, thirst or ache for a person, a cause or an outcome that really matters. There was ‘you’ before that event, and the person you became because of it. It is the day you became passionate about something in your life. Make no mistake that the pendulum of life is ever present when this happens. The degree it swings into your passion equals the degree it swings opposition back from it. There will be bloody emotions and chinks in your armor as you trod the path of passion; it’s inevitable, as written down in history. Where passion is involved there is always a great story. It leaves in its path trauma; and trauma must talk.

Even During The Most Difficult Moments In Life, You Still Have A Choice

Even throughout the darkest periods of our life, we still have choices. Whilst it may not seem this way, it is because we become trapped in our pain and suffering and don’t realise the way out. Knowing this, I’d like you to reflect on a recent difficulty in your life. Perhaps it was last year? Think back to the lessons gained from the experience.

Invest in You!

Investment is defined in many ways and understood in much more angles. It doesn’t have to be purely about money or cash, and doesn’t have to be immediately started in bonds or real estate either. You can start in small things, and with baby steps – you can start in YOU!

Are These False Beliefs Controlling Your Life?

What limiting beliefs are controlling your life? Do you identify with any of these common false beliefs?

What’s Holding You Back From Living Your Best Life?

Wherever we may be on our life’s path many of us have occasions when we feel motivated to better ourselves. We may aspire to greater heights educationally or business-wise, be keen to improve our personal traits and habits and as such aim to start living our best life. What can it be though, that sometimes holds us back?

The Secret Is To Live In This World But Never Let The World Live In Us

The world will break you if you let it because life’s conditions can be difficult and without a strong conviction, we succumb to the ravages of life. The world has always been unforgiving and none more so in modern times. In fact, things are better since there is less war and social unrest nowadays.

Your Inner Guidance Knows

Success in your business always comes back to the point of origin… which is you. You’re responsible for being the creator of all things and experiences in your life, which means that everything is personal. Everything you experience in your life is simply a reflection of you. This is the reason (and it’s a good one!) that so many folks are investigating what they can change about their inner world to make a greater impact in their outer world.

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