Why The Universe Is NOT Giving You EXACTLY What You Asked For [MUST WATCH!!]

What Is Codependency-Understanding What Codependency Looks and Feels Like

Codependency isn’t like cancer. We can’t see it or feel it–or have it surgically removed. Codependency is a term used to describe our dysfunctional relationship with Self, and it is the cornerstone of all we think, do, and say. Codependency is at the root of our misalignment with our Spiritual Self, and until it is cleared, nothing in our lives will be as abundant and or as peaceful as it was originally designed to be.

Live Your Dream Life With These 3 Steps

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney. While many of us have an ideal image of what our dream life would look like, not too many people are daring enough to take action. Who can blame them, especially when we’re living in a state of uncertainty filled with tumultuous events that negatively impact our world, economy, and life.

Is It Better To DO Or BE RIGHT?

How often have you found yourself confronted with the difficult situation of having to choose actively pursuing the best course of action to be take, versus feeling that you are doing the right thing? While only when we pursue both objectives are we able to optimize our potential, far too often, individuals feel conflicted by what they perceive as a conflict. The reality is that no one can ever be personally at peace until and unless there is a confluence and synergy between our actions and our personal integrity and objectives.

The Solution for Feeling Stuck

“Feeling stuck in life” – it’s a common theme I hear a lot with my clients. In fact I’ve said it myself from time to time. It’s a weird mix of feelings that come from not enjoying certain areas or all areas of your life and not knowing what to do to change it.

How Much Can You Trust Your Intuition?

Have you ever done something with an uncomfortable gut feeling, only to realize after an unpleasant outcome that you knew you shouldn’t have done it? Most people think this is their intuition speaking, but it’s not always the case.

It Still Takes A Village

We are not meant to exist separately from each other. People are hardwired to desire a community.

How to Uncover Your Power of Greatness and Creativity

Dear friend, you have within the power of greatness. Most of us tend to feel that creativity and greatness lie only in the painter like Picasso, the musical genius Mozart or in the brilliant mind of Steve Jobs.

Why Depression Could Be The Reason You Did Not Get The Job

There is an obvious link between unemployment and depression, and it seems the longer it takes you to re-enter the workforce, the more prevalent depression can become. Currently 9.5 million people are unemployed in the U.S., and on average remain unemployed for nine months before finding work.

10 Tips For Lifelong Learning

The pace of change in today’s work environment makes it critical that people invest in themselves. This article has 10 practical tips for developing a lifelong learning habit.

Clear Your Mind of Clutter in Five Easy Steps

Un-cluttering your mind is not as easy as un-cluttering your closet or your bedroom. Mind clutter is an accumulation of things you do, deliberately or unwittingly, through the years until they become permanent traits; your way of doing things, your mindset, or your habit.

Oh Behave! The Art of Temperance

The art of temperance is the art of balance, of bending, mediating with the ego. Have you mastered this art?

Change Your Mind!

Sometimes a simple shift in perspective is all that is needed to profoundly change your life. All you have to do is change your mind!

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