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The Fear of Death

It is no secret that the fear of death has its roots in organized religion and what they tell you will happen to you after you die. Whether there is an afterlife or not really doesn’t matter while you’re alive. If you die and there is an afterlife I seriously doubt there are homes, castles, food, or even virgins, you will be of pure energy without any physical needs; and if there is no afterlife then you won’t have a consciousness to worry about, will you? To go through life fearing death is actually to fear life. If death comes to you one day see it as a way to move into another stage of existence, or not. Personally I believe that we do not have to die; I believe the power of the mind is such that not only can we heal ourselves but we can live forever. If you are a person that believes in the Bible then you know that in the early books people lived for hundreds of years; you know people talked to God and did amazing things.

Does Your Environment Support Your Mental Health?

ย  As you may already have experienced yourself, there is a connection between your health and the environment. As everything is energy, exchanges between everything take place. Why that?

Can Quotations Change Your Life?

No matter what your mood, there will always be a suitable quotation to help. There are quotes abound for every single aspect of life.

Advice, What Are Your Best Resources?

Are you needing some advice and don’t know who to confide in? Are your friends the best place to go for help? Do you need a professional to bounce your questions off of? From time to time we all need help with a personal matter. Over-thinking the problem does not create an answer. This article will help you decide where your best resources are.

Creating an Environment for Personal Growth by Tendering the Garden

Be patient. It may take years of consistent nurturing before you get the desired results. You must do it just because you love the,. But if you nurture them consistently, they will tend to blossom over time.

How to Influence Your Path

When I work with women on how to influence their future I start with this exercise. Make a list of 3 things in your past that are causing an “I deserve more” barrier for you. These are the messages of that voice in your head saying, “You can’t do this. Or have this. Or be this.” Let your struggle go.

Free Binaural Beats – Scrutinize Your Free Binaural Beats Source

If someone advices you to get free binaural beats before purchasing anything, heed that suggestion and get acquainted first with one of the best brainwave entrainment tools today. Take advantage of the free stuff and see for yourself if it is something that you would really like to use for self improvement and health reinforcement. Be careful though, since not all the stuff that’s for free actually represents the real thing.

Abuse, Incest and Karmic Debt – How to Break Free of the Past Life – Karmic Retribution Cycle

Questions from a subscriber: 1) Why the need to surround oneself with people with similar karma? 2) Self-history of victim of incest and abuse, now emergent pattern in my child’s life as well. How do we both break free? 3) Is there a transformation of negative karma possible through doing good for others who suffer similarly? Find my answers in this article – they may shock you.

Four Characteristics of a Person Prime for Promotion

Many people are frustrated with career or home business stagnation. They find themselves stuck in the same position at work while others continually bypass them with promotions. Some people stare at their home business bottom-line and wonder why it never grows. We can even include those who never seem to be appointed to leadership positions in volunteer organizations either, despite years of participation. Do you wonder why this is happening? A study of history has revealed some common characteristics of those promoted.

How to Swallow Your Pride and Maintain Your Cool

Though you may have met people who are very difficult to get along with and they may be bullies or just your fellow co-workers hence you know about them it may not be impossible to get along as you think. Unless you just swallow your pride and maintain your cool it may be impossible to interact with them normally. But simply not facing the issue or leaving the issue is not the only way out.

Live and Let Live – How This Adage Can Greatly Improve Your Life

“Live and let live”…we’ve all heard it said too many times to count. This article will explain how adopting and internalizing this well-known adage can improve your life, reducing stress and increasing your face- and real-value in society.

Are You an OPPORTUNIST? How to Identify, Seize or Create Opportunities for Yourself

As I wrap one week and start projecting the next, I always stop to think about opportunities. What happened during the course of that period of time?

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