Why PAST LIFE KARMA Doesn’t Matter – Master Sri Akarshana [Spiritual Riff]

How to Use Community for Personal Transformation

To transform society into new paradigm ways, we need to transform our own behavior. It’s not easy, because the new ways of operating that we are learning challenge the inner and outer status quo.

5 Ways To Improve Your Self-Discipline

When we speak about “discipline” some people would probably think about Samurais, Buddhists or even football players. There are also people who think that it is only reserved for those dedicated and extremely tough persons. But the truth is it isn’t.

Memory of My Darkest Moment Can Change a Life

Sometimes who we were meant to be is changed by a memory from our darkest moment. Memories triggered by traumatic events change the way we think, act and respond to future events. They can create either negative or positive reactions going forward. What we become tomorrow is molded by how we process the event when the numbness subsides. Our son’s death, our darkest moment, became a turning point that changed who we were and created a life much different than we ever imagined.

Develop the Skill of Gratitude

 Just today in class we were doing an exercise in Personal Development and discussing the skills we have in life now as we start our course in Health and Social care. We journeyed through numeracy, literacy, being a team worker and all the usual skills that would come to the mind of a teenager or young adult.

How My Relationship to My Bathroom Towels Changed for the Better

My towels were a metaphor for my life: messy, stained and often poorly handled. A strange set of events and some friendly intervention put on the path to growing up and buying better towels. Here is that story.

Two Things You Can Do

Life is a gift. And as far as I can tell, we should be savoring as much of it as possible while we’re here. So, how are you doing?

Why Getting Things Done Is Not The Answer

Do you know that the best way to use a free 10 or 15 minutes when you’re waiting in line or for someone might be to do nothing? Yep, nothing! Like, stand in line without checking your phone. Or, sit in a chair and stare out the window. What a concept. Most of us feel like we should always be doing something, as if getting things done is the key to happiness, and feeling like we’re never doing enough. Guess what, there’s a better recipe for a satisfying, fullfilled life.

The Process to Results

Those who focus on the journey in getting those results actually have the most satisfaction in getting to what they want to achieve. It’s all about the process.

Only You Can Chose To “Run Out of Time”

Time is something we all get the same amount of in terms of a 24 hour day. How we choose to use that time or view it is where perspectives can vary widely. Some feel they are at time’s mercy.

Working On Versus Working In

Many coaches when they start their practices are new business owners. We not only learn coaching skills, but we also quickly learn the realities of being in business for oneself. In setting up a business we find there are a lot of things to do.

I Was Getting Tired of the Yelling

Recently I have begun working with a number of clients that come from similar backgrounds as me. We grew up in towns made up of hard working parents predominantly in blue collar industries. We’re from strong ethnic backgrounds where people are passionate about their beliefs.

Using Self Hypnosis for Change

As a hypnotist: I have been asked, “Why would I want to change, and even if I wanted to, why would I use self-hypnosis?” Self hypnosis is an effective and easy tool for creating change. Following this step by step process you can easily use self hypnosis to create the life that you want.

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