Why Master Sri Akarshana Bows Down to Everything He Sees..

The Truth About Fear

Fear can stop us in our tracks if we’ll let it. Learn how to move past it and toward the life you want to live.

Is It Time To Ask Yourself, “How Do I Find My Passion”?

Feeling stuck, unfulfilled, unhappy or just unsure of what you really want to do? Fear is the single biggest obstacle to fulfillment, happiness and success. Here are some initial insights from the book “COURAGE To Find The FIRE Within” to help you see how you can start to prepare your courage and discover your passion.

Picking The Right Smartie ( Reaching For Greatness)

Life as we know it, is full of decisions. We begin to become aware of this as toddlers or about the time that we realize that there is something outside of ourselves that we must deal with. From that point on it becomes a learning process as we increasingly take on the responsibilities associated with navigating through life.

Discover How Mastering Brain Wave Patterns Can Prime You For Amazing Success In Life

When electrical activities of the human brain combine, they cause brain wave patterns. These patterns are different depending on what a person is doing and whether the person is awake or asleep. This difference determines the person’s health and state of mind. There are 4 patterns namely beta, alpha, theta and delta. In beta, one is wide-awake. One is in this state during the day, when he/she is awake. It is important in that lack of activity during this state leads to disorders such as depression and insomnia. Maximizing activity during this state leads to increased concentration and attention life span.

What Are Your Core Values – How to Develop Your Core Sense of Belief

The success of life depends largely on having a strong core sense of belief. Conscious is not a good guide unless it has been educated. The value system that we have comes mostly from our parents. If we stand for nothing, we will fall for everything. Therefore, we must work on learning the right values to base our life on.

Fear and Doubt

Life was never meant to be a struggle. It is what you perceive it to be. When you feel stressed, things aren’t going right, and you feel squeezed, what comes out? Anger? or Love?… You have to align yourself with that part of you that feels the passion for life, that loves unconditionally, or the ego will constantly have you searching for the meaningless. Our search for conscious contact with God is the most important thing in our lives, so – why isn’t it the most important thing in our lives?…

6 Women Fashion Tips for Amazing Presence

Color blocking takes using colors for fashion to another level. You want to use colors to bring out the most fabulous you?

Is Overthinking Driving You Crazy?

Do you worry, ruminate, cogitate, overthink? Is it driving you crazy? Here are some things that might help.

How to Get the Most Out of Life by Planning for Your Future

Have you thought about what you want out of life? Have you really sat down and thought about it? Life will only give you what you ask for so why not ask big? If you can think it then you can achieve it.

Vulnerability Is Not Weakness

I’ve learned that vulnerability can be related to addictions. One major reason for obesity is not food, although food is the tool we use to become obese, it is numbing ourselves to guard against being vulnerable. We ‘numb’ using many different tools.

What I’ve Learned From Past Betrayals and How It Can Help You!

Oh, the things I’ve been through. The first big betrayal of my teenage years happened when the boy I was madly in love with and my best friend ‘hung out.’ I continued to ‘hang out’ with him after their one-time ‘thing’ but I stopped talking to my best-friend.

10 Hidden Treasures Of Life

Just like the diamond; which hides beneath the ground and must be dug out and then purified from its soil to appreciate its view; so are our own individual treasures that are uniquely formed and lovingly placed along our journey of life to enrich our existence whilst living on earth. Our setbacks come as the unannounced tour guide to us; suggesting that perhaps we need to readjust our stance, or change the way in which we perceive the task ahead of us. The people we meet along the way are like the different grades of sand paper…

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