Why Losing Your Job May Be a Sign from the Universe | Don’t Mistaken Divine Guidance [Must Watch!!]

Can an Introvert Have an Exciting Life and Survive?

Performers are, surprisingly often, introverts, because performing provides a perfect platform for an introvert. A performance usually involves a structured situation with behavior that is well-rehearsed; furthermore, we can usually perform without those interruptions that force us to freeze or think too quickly, that we encounter in social situations. Many of us even learned that we could pour out our feelings and enthusiasm with a feeling of safety we never found daily life.

Healing With Mind – The Importance of Our Thinking on Our Health

Every thought we’ve ever had has its emotional component and, like the memory of the thought itself – although not always readily available to our recall – is held within our mind-body. The emotional content of every thought continues to have an influence on our lives; sometimes slight, sometimes moderate, and sometimes devastating. There are ways to eradicate subconsciously held anxieties, phobias, traumas – all fears. These series of articles will show you the way.

So Who Is The Real YOU?

One of the main purposes of my work is to help my clients create an authentic life (or business), in alignment with their soul. This comes from my own struggle figuring out what to do to feel more connected and at peace with myself and the world. I can tell you, it didn’t come easy.

Can a Parent Abandon a Child Without Ever Leaving His Side?

This article describes what “abandonment” can be defined as when parenting a child. It discusses its many forms: physical, emotional, and psychological.

What Stops You From Giving Your Gifts to Yourself?

Do you find it much easier to deliver your highest gifts to others than it is to receive them for yourself? Many change agents don’t even think of healing themselves with the same impact they have on others, forgetting the wise saying “Healer, heal thyself!” There are several reasons for this oversight.

How to Forget Past Failures

Do you have a past failure that you can’t let go no matter how hard you try? Does it rear its ugly head frequently and beat you up? If so, you’re not alone. We all experience it at one point or another. That’s why I wrote this article. I talk about why this takes place for us and also how we can learn to let past failures go once and for all. Maybe you can learn to let yours go, too.

Unconscious Bias – Women in Leadership

This article explores what unconscious bias is and in particular the issues of bias that working women experience in the workplace. Gender stereotyping as well as other forms of bias are discussed.

Conceptual Changes to Living in 4D – A Bridge to Understanding Earth’s Ascension

There are many rivers and bridges to cross as we begin a path that is totally new to us. Things are changing rapidly, if we allow them to. Like a movement from the 60’s there will be upheavals, new thoughts and ideas and opportunities that accompany the challenges. We will be relearning things we thought we knew when we left middle school.

Why Is Personal Development So Important for You?

Why should you consider Personal Development? What will this bring me? These questions are all valid, and a lot of people are wondering about Personal Development. Read more to understand better why it is important, and more importantly what it means for you. Wherever you are in your life now, discover more of your gifts, express them and live a more fulfilling life!

Connecting To Your Inner Child

I took a test today. One of these online questionnaires that are so popular on the internet these days.

What Were You Meant to Do in Life? The 5 Step Game to Discover the Life You Planned!

“This cannot be the life I planned!” “What’s wrong? How did my life turn into this?” Everyone, at some point in their life asks these questions. Is this really all there is? Is this my life plan? How can you ever know? Learn to play the 5 step Game of Life to find the answers!

Take Yourself To Work

When you show up as the real deal, that person you really are, you get to fully leverage your strengths and it takes a whole lot less effort. It’s hard work being someone you’re not! Start with one small act a day, build from there, and before you know it the real you will be sitting at your desk.

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