Why Affirmations Only Work 20% of the Time and How to Change This! [Manifestation Secrets]

Business Coaching Tips – Ready, Aim, Fire – 3 Steps to Hitting Your Target

There is no mystical secret to success. The truth is there are only three things you must be relentless about in order to succeed–clarity, focus and action.

The Impact of One Life – Creative Living and Giving By Design

Remember the perennial Christmas movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’? If you were to imagine taking yourself out of the picture, how would life have been different for everyone around you- your family, friends, co-workers, strangers touched by your life work or simply passing through….? Obviously we can never know for sure. But if there’s even a niggling thought that you haven’t made anywhere near the kind of impact you would like to before you can’t, then perhaps it’s time to step up and do something about it. One of the worst human feelings is regret. Don’t leave yourself open to that. Here’s how to start.

How to Become an Outperformer

If you’re interested in setting yourself apart in the marketplace, or in the workplace, then you’ll need to do two things: start thinking differently and start behaving differently. Outperformers understand that belief manifests itself in behavior. What we believe and how we think are critical to how we perform. Here are some examples of the mindset of an outperformer and how different that mindset is from almost everyone else on the planet.

Why Your Hidden Talents Won’t Let You Down

Your hidden talents won’t let you down because they come naturally to you. Sometimes they are so ingrained they are hard to identify. However, when you know what they are you are able to consciously exhibit them. Don’t work harder. Make your life easier and let your talents work for you.

Who Is Your Neighbour?

It is easy to be grateful for, and love those in our family, and our friends, when things are working out. What do we choose to do, when things fall apart? It is here that the challenge lies. Love your neighbour, as you love yourself. Love the person placed in your life, with all his/her flaws and waywardness, as though s/he was the greatest thing to have happened to you, and you will have mastered the kindest act and gift of them all; Love.

How Having An Effective Plan Can Beat Procrastination

Are you looking for an effective technique against procrastination? Read more about using a proven plan against procrastination here (…)

Accepting Reality Prepares The Pathway For Change

Do you find changing an important area of your life too difficult to manage? Is this a cause of frustration to you? Well, you may find it is much easier to make a decisive change once you decide to accept yourself exactly as you are. It sounds relatively easy, but in reality we spend far too much time denying the evidence. Accepting the way things are is the first step towards making change. Ask for change and we quickly decide that today is not the appropriate time. This refusal ranges from mild doubt to utter defiance. If change was easy, how many things in your life would be different? It’s probably true to say that most people are the way they are because they don’t want to be exposed to the struggle and complication of change. We have invested heavily in our comfort zone.

How Ups and Downs Signify Our Life and How to Face Them

This article puts light on the importance of ups and downs in our life. Moreover, the readers can find some practicable suggestions to tackle them.

Do You Love Your Job?

It’s especially a sad state of affairs when most people spend more time at the office/work than anything else in their life! So what to do about it? Here are 3 ways that you can be in that delightful place holding a steaming cup of coffee and be included in the “I love my job” club that you thought would never happen!

Volunteering Is Good For Your Health, And Your Career

Volunteering has long been touted as a great way to give back and make a positive contribution to the world. And while all that is true, numerous studies have shown that people who do volunteer work for 2 or more hours per week have lower rates of depression and heart disease, live happier more fulfilled lives, have greater self-esteem and greater function ability, especially for older adults. And as if all of that isn’t enough, volunteering can also boost your resume and your job search.

How To Incorporate Brainwave Entrainment Into Your Enlightenment

Enlightenment is something that many of us would like to achieve, just because it makes life easier. Brainwave entrainment is a powerful tool that enhances and speeds up the practice of meditation, which is how you begin your journey to enlightenment.

You Complete ME!

“You complete me!” Everyone knows this as the famous quote at the end of Jerry Maguire. Jerry enters the room and starts his breath taking monologue to Dorothy about how he had a great night and he should have been elated, but he couldn’t because he didn’t have her to share it with.

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