When You Manifest for Someone Else Do You Affect Their FREE WILL? [Law of Attraction Secrets]

You Can’t Go Home Again

You can’t go home again. Can you?

The Art of Spiritual Alchemy

Alchemy is the ancient craft of using a chemical philosophy to turn lead metal into gold. Now how does spiritual alchemy work so that you can turn around a difficult and fearful situation to create and manifest a positive and prosperous life? Let me explain.

Journal Writing for the Missionary

Missionary service is a unique time and journal writing is an important aspect of the missionary experience. Some like to write and some don’t, but all missionaries should. Diary writing or journal keeping brings benefits not otherwise enjoyed.

Story of a Fish – From a Well to the Ocean

Once there was a fish in a well. The well belonged to a kind farmer. The farmer had a beautiful vast ranch with green pastures and singing rivers. The well therefore contained a good measure of water throughout the year. The fish was born somewhere up in a shallow part of the river. The river was flowing down through the ranch into the sea far in the west.

The Importance of Thanking Someone

So I was wondering exactly what the rest of the world thinks about thanking other people. I “Googled” it to see just how important this issue might be.

What Does Your Diction Say About You?

In the American English language there are 26 consonant sounds and 17 vowel sounds. Most of the consonant sounds are in the initial, medial and final position of words. So, if you are having trouble producing a sound that is found in all three positions of words, your diction will be a bit distorted.

5 Things Employers Look For

When looking for work, older workers are often competing with people who are years younger. You may even find yourself being interviewed by someone young enough to be your child or grandchild.

Keep On Learning

Learning is a life long process. When we stop learning, we stop growing. Embrace the fact that there is so much information out there and take the advantage to learn something new.

Fear Is a Friend

Fear is a good thing. Yes, it is true. Fear keeps us alert, motivated and alive. Manage your fear properly, and it can provide a great benefit. Too much fear will overwhelm you.

Taking “Right” Action

Too often, you rush into action. Society tells you if you’re not busy, you’re a procrastinator. Oh, and don’t be slow. That’s the worst thing – slow! Action for the sake of action, however, doesn’t always yield the best results.

The Best Gift You Can Give to the Graduate In Your Life

It is that time of the year again when a new group of students graduate and go out to find a job in the working world. While as students, they’re often prepared well in their field of study, it is rare that they are ready to work the process of going out to find a job. Many of the key skill sets needed just are not thought in our schools of learning.

Are You True To Yourself?

Unknowingly, most people repeat their childhood. What they learned from their parents is what they will repeat as adults. However, once you are able to distinguish how you acquired your behavioral patterns, you have a choice and you can do something about it.

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