When People Doubt You or Your Ability to Manifest – Just Do This!

Forgiveness – The Uneasy Road To Recovery

We all possess one of the most powerful tools for healing. That is the ability to forgive ourselves and others. Forgiving allows us to start the healing process and release the hold others who have wronged us control.

Butt Ugly Bite: The Danger of Spending Time With Those Who Bring Out the Worst in You

Similar to a nasty bruise that comes as the result of a dog bite, when we spend too much time with people who bring out the worst in us, the effects may not be immediately noticeable. However, make no mistake: toxic relationships do have an impact.

Your Destiny Is In Your Hands

Worry is the darkroom in which the negatives are developed. It is an inner feeling to be discarded forthwith to ensure success in life. Destiny is an outcome of your actions only. Stop blaming others for your mistakes.

Computers, Metaphors for Life!

My computer wasn’t working… the hard drive was almost completely full, I knew I had to transfer all of my old photos, videos and music to a separate hard drive, and then probably wipe the computer clean… later I found some more news about what was really wrong with my MAC computer, but how is this a metaphor for life?

Why Should Everyone Opt for Communication Skills Training?

Having good communication skill is not just about having good conversations. It goes much more beyond than that.

The Importance of Trust

Both conceptually and in action, trust is misunderstood. We know it when we see it – or more often than not when we DON’T see it – but have a hard time defining it. We also readily see its presence or absence in others, but rarely in ourselves. I’ve tried to remove its mystery in the fewest number of words possible.

Being One Self: Choosing and Developing Higher Consciousness in the Present

A simple guide to attaining a profound human need for inner peace and self-value in modern times. Learn how to liberate yourself from negative experiences of life and become your more naturally positive self.

Get Out Of Your Funk

Are you stuck? How do you get yourself out of a rut or hole? Some people refer to it as getting over a hump, but I look at it more like being in a hole. If you are cruising along at 50 mph, moving forward, and then all a sudden you hit a hole and you are stopped. Things shift and change and you can’t get out.

Choosing Between Your Heart and Mind – How to Tell the Difference

In this article the reader will discover 10 characteristics of people who make decisions using their heart or mind. The article will suggest strategies for improving decision making based on the suggestions provided.

Female Identity – 5 Tips for Finding Your Identity As a Woman in Today’s Culture

Claiming your God given identity seems simple enough right? Since the Bible has so much to say about you, it would seem as though this would be a non issue. I mean, how hard could it really be with all of the books, articles, sermons and blogs on this subject? Let’s delve into this hot topic and get some answers to this right now.

Are You Able to Receive?

And most importantly, we were usually not taught the opposite side of the coin: that receiving from others, whether that be a compliment, a gift, or support, is as equally (and sometimes more) important, self-esteem boosting and life-affirming. What does receiving truly mean? Receiving a gift, compliment or support in the form of a listening ear or help with something (like yard work when you’ve pulled your back or meals when you or a family member has been struck with an illness) can be tough. All of these are ways in which others show their love and concern for you, yet many of us have a hard time receiving and especially asking for this type of help and concern.

Personal Development and Good Choices

The ability to make right choices and good decisions is the key to all personal development. This will show you how the choices you make can shape your destiny.

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