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Convince People With Your Ideas

Do you persuade and convince people easily with your ideas? Do you want to convince people more easily with your point of view? You are probably like everyone else want to learn how to convince people with your ideas, opinions, or point of views. Many people find it very hard to convince others with their ideas because they concentrate on what they are trying to say and forget to put themselves in the other person’s place.

A Nurse Metaphysician’s Perspective on Counseling For the Broken Healer

The expertise of a nurse embodies the ability to diagnose a human’s response to conditions and/or disease processes. It is this reason that many nurses who experience burnout feel as though they can diagnose and treat themselves. This is a detrimental fallacy! The answer? Transpersonal counseling.

How to Create a Diversion From Ordinary to Extraordinary

The incomprehensibility of altruism makes it seem extraordinary. We can’t explain why we act generously and unselfishly, but we know that it feels like the right thing to do. Not understanding doesn’t have to be a stumbling block. Make each day a day of diversion from ordinary to extraordinary.

Default is Indifference

I’ve always been different. I’ve always known that. Even when I was little, the way I thought about things, people and the world was never in sync with it. As a child, my heart was a shinning orb that I thrust to people, shinning them with love and joy.

Successful Ways to Improve Your Own Attitude

Improving anyone’s attitude can be a stressful experience especially when its your own, not many people allow themselves to admit they have a bad attitude which is a sure sign they are guilty of having a bad attitude, but for those looking to escape the trap and bondage of this condition there is hope! In fact if you are one of those few with the knowledge of having a bad attitude and are still reading this…

Do You Learn the Rules When You Play the Game?

Have you ever heard this? “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.” If you want to use an Internet application, it’s your responsibility to understand how it works.

Global Versus One World

Global implies many pieces spanning a large area. One World is the concept of one in unity. Reflect on your approach to life in a One World mindset versus a Global approach.

Embrace Change For Growth – Personal Performance Coaching

Are you facing change? Or is the change a challenge? The article addresses some notions of change. It presents the paradox of change as growth vs change as threat. Personal Performance Coaching provides a framework for understanding change and helping to embrace change.

Increase the Shine in Your Life

What would you do if you lived your truth and the life that you were born to live? To find your truth you must connect to your inner Shine, but have you become disconnected to your inner Shine?

3 Simple Ideas For Addressing Avoidant Borderline Personality Disorder

Are you struggling with Avoidant symptoms from Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD? This avoidance stems from the powerful fear BPD sufferers feel from the perception of being abandoned or punished by others. These symptoms usually come together with negative self-attitudes which get triggered in certain circumstances.

Why It’s Important to Unplug From Your Business Sometimes

Do you often have a challenging and sometimes stressful times during your internet marketing business promotion? Are you always thinking about how to increase your leads and enhance productivity? Chances are, you’ll soon reach a tipping point where most of your workday will constitute of nothing but stress. This is because eventually work related strain will take a toll on your health as well as business.

Is it Possible to Be in Constant Enthusiasm?

This article explores whether it’s possible to be in a state of constant enthusiasm. It speaks about what’s present moment consciousness and the attributes that you inherit if you relive the present moment consciousness frequently.

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