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Emotional Detachment And How To Overcome It

Emotional detachment can be referred to an individual who cannot connect find or connect emotionally with others or themselves. Such individuals cannot perform in a social gathering and might eventually sink into a nervous breakdown. It is very important for an individual to get professional help in order of overcoming this emotional condition. There are quite a number of therapies out there that have been conjured to help individuals overcome such; most of these therapies come as personal development cures. Emotional detachment is often linked to some or all of these signs

How to Be More Self Confident

Have you ever wondered how to be more self-confident? What is it that you are looking for when you think of self-confidence? To be more self confident the first thing you must do is become your own best friend.

Person Centered Therapy – Understanding What It Is

What is Person Centered Therapy? Person Centered Therapy is a unique type of psychotherapy that is becoming increasingly popular as a way to facilitate profound change in people.

What Matters Most To You?

I forgot a friend’s birthday this month. A friend that I’ve known for over 20 years. I really have no excuse, as it just so happens that 7 birthdays of close friends and family fall in the first week of January. So I’m usually prepared for this week and quite aware of each birthday on each day. But this year, I slipped up with her birthday which fell on the Saturday. So, early on the Sunday morning (my time) I received a text message asking, “Are you OK? Just wondering why you forgot my birthday.”

Do You Have a People Problem or a Money Problem?

The first step to solving your problem is to decide whether the problem is about money or people. There really are only two different kinds of problems. Money problems and people problems. That doesn’t sound right to you, does it? It’s got to be more complicated than that, you say! But it’s true, and I’ve never found an exception to that rule.

Do You Know Your Ultimate Vision and Ultimate Purpose?

Before we begin our success journey – we have to define our Ultimate Vision and our Ultimate Purpose for what we want. Unless we are clear about the two, it will be a very difficult task to live our dreams and achieve our vision.

Parenting, Fear and Relationship

Parents need to have a basic understanding of the brain. Many behaviors children are punished for are really fear reactions triggered from the fear receptor perceiving a real or imagined threat. These are not behaviors that need to be punished. These are behaviors that need to be calmed and nurtured.

Potted Philosophy – Life’s Significant Moments

The most significant things in our lives only become some when (and if) we notice them. It is worth considering then, how many significant moments pass us by because we are not simply looking.

Eight Ways to Overcome the Hurts and Disappointments of the Past

It may be the perfect time for you to move beyond the difficult events of the past. You may have had your share, but it’s always possible to use them as stepping stones to the transformation of your life rather than as impossible boulders in the way. Maybe you’ve had relationships that for one reason or another haven’t lasted. Perhaps your work or career didn’t go where you expected it to go. Projects that you’ve created many not have achieved the acceptance that you hoped for. No matter what, it’s always possible to move on to another level of your life.

What Are the 6 Main Human Needs?

We humans live together on this lifeboat called “Earth,” for better or worse – as it is the only physical home we have. The science fiction story-lines about large spaceships transporting people to other star systems to make a new home are just that: science fiction. So it is vital that we develop and maintain ways to operate in a conscious, responsible manner.

Self-Growth: The Power of Intention

Yes, just like an automobile you need the fuel to make your machine run. You need your intention to be strong enough to weather the hindrances around. Moving ahead sans obstacles along the way is liken to a dreamland. Nary obstacles could not make you all the wiser. Through tests of strength, patience and faith…you become more fiercely dedicated towards achieving your goal/s.

Does Creation of Our Current Reality Depend on Our Belief?

What you believe is the only truth. Because you limit access to your own resources and suitable environment, you may just see what you need to see in order to confirm your beliefs.

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