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Life Cycling/Life Recycling

I am a devout Gnostic/Lutheran Christian man who believes in past lives and future lives. With that said, I begin this article.

How To Succeed In The Corporate World

If you are doing a corporate job then you need to learn how to handle your boss and be successful in your corporate world. Sadly, being successful in a corporate job requires more than just hard work. The empirical evidences show that just being hard-working will take you nowhere as the corporate world is quite complex.

People With Trust Issues

People with anxiety and trust issues are drawn to consistent people because they feel safe with someone who is predictable. But that doesn’t cure their problem. The anxious person still remains the same because anxiety attacks every time an unpredictable circumstance challenges their expectations and comfort zone.

Dissecting the Committee

The Mind Committee can be an extremely strong, but are all of its members a benefit to keep around? Currently, negative members may not be all bad. It takes thought and careful examination to determine which members should be eliminated and which, despite seeming completely unbeneficial, actually have positive benefits to them.

On The Other Side Of Fear Lies Freedom

Most of the time, everything we want is on the other side of fear, but many are brought to a standstill by the risk of the unknown to reach desires. Once we decide to face our fears, we then find out that there lies freedom. Yet, countless people are still afraid to take a leap despite the possible rewards.

Having A Success Mindset By Acceptance Of The Metaphysical Secret Law of Attraction

You can count on the Holy Spirit-your inner divine Guide-your natural Self, bringing all your insane projections and wild substitutions, which you’ve placed outside yourself, to the truth. Yes, this is the metaphysical secret know one’s told you about. It is the truth of who and what you are, with no need of substitution, that restores you to reason and allows you to see the error of that illusion as unreal.

Hindsight Is a Cruel Critic

We’re all doing the best we can in every moment. That’s a fact, even if you can look back and say, “I could have done better.” Sure, you probably could have… if you had the knowledge, resources, experiences, and skills you have no. Hindsight is a powerful growth tool and a cruel critic.

10 Tips to Help Those Who Wait

Why do we so often wait? Usually people say they will wait because there is a step they feel is necessary to take before making that decision. Here are a few tips to help those who wait.

Immerse Yourself in the Ocean of the Heart

“The yogi who is established in a steady posture easily becomes immersed in the ocean of the heart.” ~ Shiva Sutra 3.16 – I enjoy contemplating and studying teachings from many traditions.

Is Your Golf Swing Reflective Of Your Swing On Life?

Really there is plenty you can do, as long as you are prepared to alter your state of mind. Believing “outside the box” is a common expression we all prefer to utilize in conference rooms and offices nowadays, and yet the mindset or bias we have still hang heavily and prevents many people from making development at anything.

How To Achieve Inner Peace By Letting Go Of Fear, Doubt and Guilt

By achieving inner peace you harbor calmness of mind that brings to the surface a blissful you, regardless of what seems to be going on in the outer world, or what life seems to be dishing you in any situation. Achieving inner peace might only seem to be difficult at times, but it’s the real you simply obscured by the darkness of fear, doubt, and guilt. Isn’t it strange that a world that has a problem achieving inner peace, where everything is in chaos, attack, and defense, arose from the projections of fear, doubt, and guilt of the original separation from the One-Mind of God, a separation that formed the illusive ego-based mind?

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back From The Life You Want To Live

Are you able to beat your fears? Or do you continue to feel you’re not rich enough, good looking enough, strong enough, smart enough, and on, and on? Many do, for all of their lives, until the body deceases. But what you must understand when you want to beat your fears, is that the fear is a natural self-made instinct of the ego which is represented as the human body. Then try to see that the fear is not a natural aspect in you, but is natural to your ego-based mind.

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