What You Appreciate Appreciates | How Gratitude Can Change Your Life! [Law of Attraction]

Letting Go of Pain and Suffering

We have all experienced trauma and heartache. Those that say they have not are lying… either to others or to themselves. But how do we let go of some of the pain and suffering that has happened to us? How do we create a new story to live by and not feel held back by our past?

If I Don’t Go Anywhere, I Won’t Spend Money

Unfortunately, this practice of not wanting to go to the store, or the flea market, or to visit people because I don’t want to spend any money has worked to my disadvantage. I’m sure that many people think that since I’ve got all of this extra time on my hands, that I would be able to use it for lunch with friends, visiting my family, or doing home improvement projects such as painting our wooden deck. But no, every bit of that takes money.

The Real Truth About Personal Development

When one invests in personal growth, he or she takes responsibility for their life, their circumstances and their happiness. They actually become the effecter, the agent and the doer. If you really do not care about investing in personal development, you will only be setting yourself to become one of those people with a “victim mentality”. If you are not equipped and not proactive, you will definitely react to instead of affecting the situation around you.

Bouncing Back After Ending a Romance Without Making the Same Mistakes

How do romances end. What to look for to prevent failure in a love relationship. What to avoid doing so relationships last. How to assess the qualities in men that determine if a romance will work.

Role and Rule of Assumptions

Recently I awoke groggy from a night of fitful sleep. Later that day I received a call from a friend who said she wanted to talk with me and share an observation about website opt-in offers. My immediate assumption was that something was wrong with the new freebie I had posted. My ability to check in with myself was compromised by my lack of sleep, and by my past experience that the phrase, “Can I talk with you,” meant something negative.

Personal Growth – How to Be a Better Person in Your 40’s and 50’s

As I am three weeks away from my 50th birthday, I am slightly more serious about my life and its direction at this time really than ever before. I’m contemplating what needs to stay with me as I cross the threshold and what can stay in my 40’s. On my 49th birthday, I began my career as a life coach by starting my certification process. Six months later, I was certified and ready to start my practice. Intention perfect – success still in progress.

A Tale of Two Fears – From Panic to Excitement

I was 35 years old before I learnt that fear didn’t have to be frightening! Over the course of two weeks, I went from a state of panic that stopped me in my tracks to experiencing a feeling of exhilaration that forever changed the way I think about fear.

Stay Focused on What You Want

I knew a young middle-aged man I’ll call George, who had a drinking and driving problem, like quite a few others I’ve met in my recovery mentoring work. George stayed way too late at the pub and had far too much to drink. However, the 3 km road home was straight and flat with no traffic at that time of night, so he decided to drive. There were no houses on that stretch and only one tree.

How Old Would You Be If You Didn’t Know How Old You Were

This article is not so much written for the younger crowd let’s say up to about 30 years of age who generally do not often think about “father time.” As life events ‘typically’ unfold they have most of their lives still out in front of them, very little of their lives belongs in the past, therefore they really have not accumulated anywhere close to a “fine cargo of life experiences” nor are they likely to feel any particular sense of urgency around age because they see having all the time in the world.

Like It or Not – Success Is About Being Able to Sell YOU

No matter what you do in life. No matter what your job/function/career. From CEO to stay at home mom/dad. From high level engineer to clerk at the local store. No matter what, to be successful, you have to sell yourself. Face it. Believe it. Grasp it. Make it part of your life and watch what happens. Success in all things comes to the person who is able to sell himself/herself and their ideas, desires, wants and needs.

Baby Boomer Leftovers

You know there are Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers? I was born in 1961 and I don’t feel I fit into either one of those demographic labels. If you were born in the early 60’s, you know what I’m talking about — we are the non-labeled group. There is no one talking directly to us. We are the Baby Boomer leftovers. Just another example of how I’ve always felt invisible. OK, I won’t go there, how can I change this? Well first, I can use my own life experiences to help to educate late 40 year olds and early 50 year olds on how to transition and evolve into our own unique self.

Tomorrow – What Are You Going to Do Tomorrow?

How to make money through discipline and changing of habits. Change of habits is key.

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