What to Do When Things Manifest OPPOSITE to What You Expected (Manifestation Secrets)

You Will Be Loved

Searching for love? Are you longing for the warmth, laughter and sharing that being really loved brings to your life? Love is the most pursued dream in our universe. We love to be loved, need to be loved. It completes all of us in a unique and special way. We are whole when we are two.

Love to Travel? The Benefits Are Priceless!

The number of people who today have access to airline travel has put the great cities of the world within reach of more people than ever before. The increasing number of low cost airlines mean that competition is driving down prices, and with so many great deals out there – it has never been cheaper to travel! Visiting a foreign country opens your eyes to what exists outside of your bubble and exposes you to how other people live. I love to see the world, it opens your mind to new things, and not only provides you with a well deserved break from your normal routine, but it can be a life learning experience.

You Sexy Thing, Why We Love It

Sex sells… everything. Got a pair of jeans to sell? Put the right girl or guy in them and everyone clamors to buy them! What is it about ‘sexy’ that entices and sometimes even enslaves us? Sexy denotes racy, desirable, dangerous, erotic; all words that ultimately mean powerful in some manner. Power is sexy; people who play a powerful role openly are sexy. We love the power behind what this word symbolizes.

How My Solo Adventure Changed Everything

I booked a ticket and went on an adventure to the other side of the world all by myself. And you know what? It was the best thing I ever did for myself.

Help I’m Stuck, I Don’t Know How To Get Unstuck, Do I?

Have you ever feel stuck? Not sure where your life was heading, or how to get where you wanted to be? It happens to everyone. The trick is not to stay stuck, to have the tools to sort yourself out and move on positively.

Tuning In In a Most Peculiar Way

What are the benefits available to all of us as we approach Earth’s entry into the 4th dimension? How can we take advantage of the opportunities it presents? Some things will happen that will not require your conscious mind to participate.

Five Mistakes That Keep You From Finding Your Purpose

As people, we want to have some kind of purpose in life-an answer to the question “why” that keeps us going. However, for some of us, finding this purpose is not easy. Sometimes, it’s not clear as to what we are meant to do with our life. If you feel that you are stuck and are unsure as to what to do, you may be doing something that is hindering you from figuring things out. Here are five of those things that could possibly be making it difficult for you to find your purpose.

What About Me? The Silent Listener

Do you have a friend or family member that everyone loves to talk with because they are a great listener? Have you ever wondered what they are feeling as they listen to all the things everyone loves to share with them? These people are the silent listeners that many assume must share their thoughts with a few select friends.

Everyone Is Selling Every Day

Mention the word ‘sales’ to someone who isn’t a professional salesperson or one who does not make their living directly by selling, and watch the fireworks. Many people visibly recoil at the idea that they, like all of us are selling every day. They resent and resist the suggestion, arguing from every angle that they do not and have never engaged in ‘sales.’

It All Started With A Pie

We were watching Public Morals on television last week, and one of the characters was sitting on the tub in her teeny tiny apartment, crying because she felt trapped. She was genuinely sad. The Gina of the past could 100% relate.

Here I Go Again

How many times in your life have you found yourself saying, “Here I go again… ?” Time after time we can start over and have the best of intentions and find ourselves right back where we were when said those words the last time. Why do we keep ending up in the same circumstances over and over?

Life’s About Being Really Clear What’s Important to You

We each come prewired to live such a clarity of purpose that gets us out of bed, makes us strive through the day, where we can be content of an evening. We were all designed to work hard in a real area of passion. When passion is infused within us, impelling us forward, that work becomes joy.

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