What the Universe Wants From You | STOP FIGHTING! Co Create with The Divine [Don’t Ignore This!]

Breathing Into Our Divinity

By taking the time to consciously breath the body as we did when we were children we return to our divine selves. This has huge health benefits for the body as we return to homeostasis in all our systems and again return to being loving and peaceful.

8 Essential Steps For Breaking Through Tough Times

We all get down from time to time. I call them funks. Follow these tips for getting out of your “funk” and breaking through in your business and personal life. Plus a free tool guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Battle With Yourself – How To Win?

You may be uncomfortable with some negative traits in yourself. Instead of being greedy you may wish to learn moderation, instead of being judgmental, to learn tolerance. Or maybe your archilles’ heel is self-pride or impulsiveness and you want to develop modesty and patience. Whatever your weakness, the question arises how do you change? For example you might attend a problem drinking clinic or a slimming club but don’t consistently keep to the programme. I would suggest that to find the better person within, you will first need to battle against yourself. It is not enough to accept you need to change, you also need to have a strong resolve and put effort in to curb your impulses: to put up a fight against your demons whatever they are. This is the viewpoint of Western and Eastern religion; that one’s lower nature has to be repudiated before the higher self can properly emerge. To gain the positive, one needs to conquer the negative. But how do you do this?

I Will Be Fine

As I sat in the Panera Bread in Saratoga Springs waiting for my husband to finish his meeting, I realized I was going to be just fine. Perhaps it was the first cup of hot coffee I’ve had in weeks and the comfort that brings or maybe it was Adele singing in my ears, maybe it was getting out of the rental house that I hated so much, but I felt good, I felt calm. I had a complete breakdown a few days ago, and it felt very much like my first trip to Paris.

Create Clarity by Igniting Your Passion

Goals need to be crystal clear if you are going to achieve them. Ask the right questions to IGNITE your passion and create clarity around the life you desire.

Joy In The Journey

When one’s life is aligned with what brings them joy, the result is greater motivation and balance and an increased capacity to experience joy more fully. Therefore, being aligned with what brings one joy, puts one’s focus on finding joy in everything, even in the trials and sufferings of life.

7 Behaviors That Are Keeping You Stuck

When we fail to move forward on our dreams, goals and desires in life there is often a payoff that keeps us treading water. This article explains what you may be trading for what you really want and is stopping you from living your best life.

Judge Not! Overcoming Bias

The fifth grade teacher was assigned to act as a playground supervisor for a week, a job most of her colleagues dreaded as it intercepted with their free time; still, everyone got the assignment. The first day she watched the children interact and stared in horror at groups of what appeared to be bullies and other groups that had formed even at this young age. How was this possible, she wondered? Is there a way to help children see how they create filters in their life that cause them to be judgmental, maybe for an entire lifetime?

How to Deal With a Challenge That Is Difficult

This article will give you an alternative perspective in how to deal with a traumatic challenge you cannot control. The basic point is when you don’t have the ability to avoid the challenge, you do have the ability to control how you deal with it. The simple fact of how you approach it determines the quality of your involvement in this struggle.

Learning From Life – 11 Lessons

Life is filled with trials and illness; often we are able to learn something from different hardships. This article discusses 11 lessons I learned after a heart attack.

The Picker Of The Pile – Returning From The Living Dead

“You’re a loser… poor, stupid, ugly, fat, nobody likes you,” all taunting, hate filled, hurtful words frequently flung at randomly chosen people destined to become victims of other broken people. When you hear enough of these words, your self-esteem is shattered, your heart is broken and personal dreams crushed, leaving your perception of self-worth trailing behind. Head down, shoulders drooping, your faltering steps may lead you right into the human refuse pile. To the world it may appear that you willingly joined the helpless, hapless people who reside there. Is your soul broken, are you a lost soul?

Working With Rejection

We are thankful at the opportunity to engage this way. While it is so that we engage with you in all moments of your existence – simply because we are a dimension of you – in this particular context you are giving clear and full permission to do so consciously. And that makes all the difference. Truly we are giving you feedback, communication, signs, guidance, love, information, all day. It is streaming at you, and always has been. The difference however gets made when you become consciously willing, consciously present, and then even the smallest piece of information, love, support can be used for dramatic methods.

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