What Spirit Type Are You? | TRUTH on Why You Go Through Chaos in Life [Must Watch!]

Is the Past Holding You Back?

Sense of Self When you really sink into an idea, there is possibility. There is potentially danger where most of us run on autopilot and not being present.

Challenges of Walking Alone

Possibilities and Despair With so much going on around us it is difficult to stop. We must keep up the pace to stay in front. These challenges our dealt with the consistent voice of our ego to press on.

How Has The Idea Of The Inner Child Been Misunderstood In Spiritual Circles

We hear so much about the Inner Child in spiritual circles. At the same time, there is also a lot of confusion about what the inner child is all about.

Living the Legacy You Hope to Leave Behind Part Three

Each of us is a byproduct of all the ancestors that preceded us. They have left us the reality we currently live in. Their values and achievements affect our lives in ways we may not even realize.

Living the Legacy You Hope To Leave Behind Part Two

Step outside of yourself for a minute and view yourself from the outside looking in. How do others see you? Evaluate your morals, values, and beliefs. Would you be proud for others to follow in your footsteps? Assess what areas you can improve on and then take action immediately.

Living the Legacy You Hope to Leave Behind Part One

Each of us will leave a legacy behind after we pass on; that is a given. It doesn’t matter how young or old we are; we never know when our days are up. Would you be proud of the legacy you left behind if your life ended today?

Release What You’ve Locked Away In Pandora’s Box And Be Well Once Again!

In our lives, we may experience emotions that are just too painful to bear, so our first reaction is to just stuff them down thinking you’ll deal with that later. Choosing not to feel your emotions and putting your feelings in the proverbial pandora box will most certainly allow them to stagnate there and then burrow deeply in your physical body. Much like energy within the body, emotions are meant to be fluid and free flowing, so as not to create illness or disease in your physical form.

Feeling Irritated and Judgmental? How to Find Clarity and Compassion

This article is part 3 of a 3-part series on raising your vibration, so you can live with more energy, peace, health, love, joy, wisdom, and abundance-so you can be a powerful, positive, transforming presence in our world. Step One is increasing your energetic charge, increasing the amount of energy you have. If you are tired and depleted, you have little energy to give and no energy to cultivate a higher frequency of being in this world. Step Two is to recognize and release the tensions which interfere with the smooth and joyful flow of this energy through your body, heart, and mind. In this article, we’ll explore Step Three-elevating the quality or frequency of your energetic vibration.

Gaining Self-Confidence – How to Stop Thinking Like a Victim

When it comes to building self-confidence it is something that does not comes to us without putting time and effort into it. Gaining self-confidence isn’t something you pray for and hope for a miracle, its something that you have to take control over by improving your thoughts and taking action. Feeling sorry for yourself and feeling like you have been cheated out of something is not the way to build your self-confidence. Feeling and acting like a victim in life will not take you to that confidence level you need to live your life like a champion.

The English Prime Challenge

English Prime is a way of using everyday English with one simple and yet profound change. Find out what that change is and take the English Prime challenge.

Growing Gratitude: A Valuable Life Skill

What would life look like if we had more gratitude? Growing gratitude is a valuable life skill we can learn to enhance our quality of life. It increases happiness and satisfaction, and it is eminently available to all of us.

Send in the Rats – When the Time Comes to Move On

When the time comes to make a change and move on, sometimes the Universe sends in the big guns to give us a little push. In my case, it was rats in my crawlspace. Decluttering in preparation for a move suddenly became mandatory. When we’re on the fence about making an important decision, sometimes things NOT going our way is a huge help.

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