What REALLY Happens When You Open Your THIRD EYE?!

How Proverbs Produce Wisdom

Training our children when they are small prepares them for a lifetime of decision making. Something as simple as teaching them to stay out of the road can help them avoid dangerous situations years later.

Why We Find It Hard to Change – And What to Do About It

We seem to find it incredibly difficult to stick to New Year’s resolutions or indeed any attempt to to change ourselves. But why? If I am intelligent, self-aware and highly motivated why will I almost certainly fail to see it through. This article will get you thinking in the right direction and may even give you some ideas about how to proceed towards a winning attempt to change.

Personal Development Is an Essential Aspect in Every Individual’s Life

Personal development is a needed issue for every individual. From the time a human is born, until death there is a lot which a man or a women might learn and experience. A human being has much power hidden and dormant within.

Status Comparisons Have Made Us Social Monsters

We can live with the low income package but we can not face our friends or relatives getting high salary. Some bitter truths of Human Nature have been elaborated. We are looking for happiness in this world of technology and getting wrong directions.

7 Realizations To Better Understand Enlightenment

There is ample evidence in our lives that suggest there is a beyond that we cannot know but we feel that the closer we get to it, the more enlightened we feel. In fact there is an emotional equivalent that is consistent throughout the world that we may describe in English as happiness. True happiness can then be described as being synonymous emotionally with enlightenment and just as we discover in life that true happiness is a process of letting go, understanding, love and enlightenment is a full expression this very process.

How to Deal With Adversity

Sometimes It’s Just Too Much You’ve often heard the saying “It was meant to be.” What does it mean when applied to bring about change and direction? Is it destiny, fate or dharma?

Can You Say No Without Actually Saying No?

The key to saying no is to be able to say no without saying no! Believe it or not it is possible to say no without actually saying no. People who are good at saying no are able to say no without feeling guilty. They don’t let their heart rule their mind.

Being Truly Assertive – What Does This Mean?

Improving assertiveness means understanding what truly assertive communication is. Being assertive is a skill that relates to both your behaviour and your mindset. Self confidence helps to control your mindset by keeping you positive and focused. Behaviours like communicating clearly, using strong body language, maintaining eye contact also help you to be assertive. Achieving assertive communication means realising that all of these are assertive skills you can learn.

What’s Your Natural Communication Style?

You communicate in your own particular way – we all do. Over the years you’ve developed your own natural communication style. To feel confident and in control, it helps if you are aware of this style.

A Triple Dose of Love – Learning How to Love YOU!

By taking the time to prepare and create your meals, you are rewarding yourself and your body. Food is love. Whatsoever you place into your food, the food will give back to you.

Unbreakable – What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Get Hurt?

Bruce Willis plays David Dunne, a security guard at the local college stadium. His marriage is crumbling, his wife, sleeps downstairs in their son’s room, and David sleeps upstairs with his son.

The Ability to Reason Is a Skill To Be Learned and Can Be Taught Through Art

The Ability to Reason is a highly sophisticated way of acting in the world. It consists of five abstract concepts. But abstract concepts are often difficult to learn and understand, especially for children and teens. They can get into trouble without understanding how or why, thus they keep repeating the same mistakes. This article defines the concepts and describes an art-based class designed to teach these concepts to all types or learners and all ages. It has successfully been used in probation and schools, plus taught at teachers and social work conferences.

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