What is The Universe Trying to Say to You | Don’t Ignore These Signs..

We Want Our Space Back (But What *Is* Space?)

The virus is sending us all back to our homes, an opportunity to get our space back. But what *is* space?

The Five Levels of Deep Habit And Behavior Change

It’s essential to focus on the five levels of change if you want habits or behaviors to not revert. Moving from Environment down to Identity will lead one to become happier, healthier, and more successful.

Three Steps to Inner Growth

Although inner growth is an ongoing process for us all, it can sometimes become confusing and overwhelming. This article breaks the process down to three basic steps, organizing the process and making it simpler and easier for you to progress on your path of personal inner growth.

How You Can Break Barriers to Growth and Become Opportunity-Ready

When you create mental barriers, it interrupts your own development and this is what prevents you from being ready for new opportunities. As an educator and career coach I have used the phrase opportunity-ready to not only refer to the future career opportunities which may come your way, but the opportunities that are available now within your existing career. For example, I am always concerned with my well-being and state of mind as an educator, knowing that I want to be opportunity-ready for my employer, ready to accept the challenges and opportunities which are a natural part of the position. You can also develop this same state of mind when you breakdown any barriers to growth that are present now.

When You Emerge From Your Home, Will You See Your Shadow?

Most people are discovering a “new normal” and have changed habits and goals. While every day may seem like the movie Ground Hog Day, you can pull several excellent lessons from this 1993 classic.

Being Likeable

In my experience I have learnt that as we grow older, our progress is often hindered by our assumption that we know much and apply well the basics of life’s lessons. Then why is it that we haven’t quite achieved what we really set out for many years back? The mad-rush of life, often changes our priorities making us stray, resulting in us choosing either short-cuts to success or newer ones. This article is a set of simple takeaways. What makes these different is that they are often points that you already knew, yet over-looked. I hope this particular topic helps motivate you to continue down the path of excellence not only in your life and work; but as a person as well.

Diving Through The Collapsing Wave

It’s been a heck of a year and it ain’t over yet! Here’s what’s happening from the greater perspective of Consciousness (and a suggestion on how to get through it intact)!

Is There Any Such Thing As Perfect Timing?

Is there any such thing as Perfect Timing? The answer may surprise you!

Freedom From Want

Thanksgiving is the start of a month’s worth of expectations. That family and friends should be gathering, that there should be an abundance of food and gifts. That everyone is supposed to be warm and loving to each other

2020: A New World-Order

What will be the effect of changes forces by covid-19 pandemic? will these make our lives hell or heaven?

The Pandemic Situation in South Africa and the Lessons Learned

We are definitely moving towards an era of enlightenment, the results of which will most surely be a super form of a higher consciousness! Maybe our resilient nature would sustain us and from this comes a lot of creativity and even unity!

One Decision to Make Change Exciting

Imagine you’re in a comfortable groove playing nice in the sandbox… and then everything changes.  Change is inevitable.  Things are always changing and we get off balance.

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