What if Your Past Life is Not in The Past | Shocking Truth on Parallel Realities

Why Are You Resisting ‘What Is’?

We often tend to magnify negative feelings by resisting ‘what is’. It’s this resistance, rather than our life situation, that causes a lot of our angst.

Rethinking New Year’s Resolutions

A few short weeks ago we made New Year’s resolutions. How are they going? Are we still as excited to reach the goals we set before us in the midst of the cold that leaves us sedentary? If you are like me, it feels like it was months ago when we made these resolutions. You might be saying, I never made any resolutions. Well now is time to take stock and find out where we are and where we are heading this year.

Where Is Your Life Imbalanced – And What Are You Doing About It?

It is common for us to have seasons when we devote more of our time and attention to one area of our lives. When we are first in love, when a large deadline looms at work or just as we are moving house we can only focus on the matter in hand. However, if you spend your whole life just focussed on one aspect, you will become less rounded as a person and less satisfied with life. Now is the time to look at yourself and make changes.

Effectiveness Can Be Learned

Effectiveness |Efektivnis| noun: the degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result. Do you want to be successful? If you do, then you’re going to have to learn to be effective. And the good news is, effectiveness can be learned.

The Power of Your Mind – How to Use the Power of Your Mind to Get Anything You Want

The human mind is like a mine of pure gold and anyone willing to dig around in this gold mine may acquire all that is in it and become or achieve anything that he or she wants without having to be in competition with anyone else. Unfortunately, the mind is not used, we have taken it for granted or we just use it for insignificant purposes rather than letting our marvelous mind guide us through life, which is what it was designed to do.

Balance Your Life – Make Changes To Balance Your Life Now And Later

Balance your life sounds simple but is actually quite difficult at times. The good thing is that you can re-balance life by making changes. 2013 is a new year with plenty of time to make positive changes that can influence your lifestyle and the lifestyle of those you come into contact with.

Living Your Life to the Fullest: The Power of Forgiveness

In my many travels all over the United States and the world, I have learned that it’s important to pack your belongings well. However, if you pack too much of your belongings than your load will get too heavy. And despite your comfort that comes from bring everything that is familiar to you on your travels, the weight of your backpack will not only become unbearable, but it will ultimately prevent you from experiencing the most of your travels.

3 Ways to Let Go of Unworthiness

Unworthiness is one of the most debilitating belief systems in effect in the world today. Learn how to make changes today to become a better person tomorrow.

First Aid for Depression

Coping with depression generally requires the assistance of a psychotherapist, but you can employ techniques of “first aid” to help shrink the mental pathways that lead to the depressed state. Compiling a list of pleasurable activities may help you to resist the downward slide into depression.

How To Find The Right Words To Say

We all have had that moment where we stumbled to find the right words to say. Usually, due to an overwhelming of our senses from emotional overload. For this reason, some people clam up when they are requested to give a response to some momentous event. We tend to believe that only someone who is studious or poetically inclined could give the perfect come back to any situation. But is it possible for the average Joe or Josephine to give a speech that deserves a standing ovation? Well the answer to that is a resounding yes. The good thing is you do not to have study for days on end or absorb a dictionary in order to pull it off. If you follow a few simple steps, you will be an orator in no time.

Five Things That Reveal You’re Good At Expressing Yourself

Fear of how they will be taken is one of the top reasons why people tend to shy away from engaging in certain verbal situations. The problem with that is most individuals actually want to be made aware of your true feelings in conversation rather than actions or gestures. We are the only known creatures who mainly communicate by using words to get our point across. It is a rather clever way to avoid confusion. However, if not followed properly, this method can also be steeped in uncertainty. An expert in expressing them self is able to skillfully use both words and bodily cues to convey their feelings.

How To Get Your Words And Emotions To Line Up

Do you get tongue tied when ever you are asked to give a response to something? Are you afraid of talks because you always seem to make people and even yourself feel uneasy? Do you get that stare whenever you try to get someone’s attention in order to say something? Usually all these things come about because of someone’s reaction to a previous dialog with you and how they perceived your intentions. Everyone at point in their life has experienced this event. However, it need not be a regular occurrence if you are mindful of a few simple rules of verbal engagement.

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