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Mediocrity: The Enemy of Wellness

Somehow, against the odds, in the face of every barrier, mediocrity must be overcome in our lives. I know that I won’t accept so-so, good enough to survive. I won’t do it. I demand excellence. I demand success. I demand the attainment of our dreams. There will be no surrender in this house no matter how frustrating, upsetting and disappointing circumstances might be today. And not just for me and Adriaan but I demand it from those whom I hire for whatever service I require, from those I align myself with professionally, even from my family and friends. I demand a pursuit of success and excellence from my clients. I do not demand perfection, however. Is that too much to ask? I don’t believe it is. In fact, I believe it is how we are designed to live and the only way we truly discover wellness.

Values – What Really Matters Most to You, Drives You?

What truly matters to you in your life? These driving forces are our values, the guiding principles by which we live our lives, our way of expressing and relating with the world. They are the silent forces behind many of our actions and decisions. Values are what we gravitate toward, what feels right, what matters to us, providing meaning and fulfillment. They serve as our compass, pointing us in the right direction and keeping us on course.

Beliefs and How They Impact Our Lives

There are a million and one thoughts on one subject alone. That means to me that nothing has any meaning except the meaning that we give it. Does that mean that everything is meaningless without human perceptions and opinions?

How to Begin to Change Your Life Today

Most people have at least one aspect of their life they would like to change, so why do so few people actually change their life? I believe the answer falls into one of two categories. People don’t change because (1) they don’t know how, or (2) they know how, but find that trying to make the change is too hard. This article addresses both of these issues and provides suggestions on how to make the desired changes in your life.

The Art Of Visualisation And How To Make It Work For You

Our minds work best when they have a clear ‘picture’ of what the desired end result is. The trouble is that the majority of people spend their time showing their subconscious minds, via what they visualise, all the things they don’t want! People visualise debt collectors, divorce, unruly children and failure to name a few!

Overcoming Your Parents Abuse

John was a 21-year-old student. From the outside looked like he could do anything, but almost every time he reached out to make a new friend he felt traumatized. It was like reaching out through a cloud of Black Death. Every time he tried the sensations of his heart shutting down and death surrounded him. This had been going on for year after year. John had the rest of his life look forward to, but he longed to not be alone.

9 Ways to Start Loving Yourself Now

I often climb up on my soapbox to tell you and anyone who will listen how important it is to love ourselves. I firmly believe this is the foundation to live a kick-ass life. When we do so, we love the people in our lives more fully, and people are genuinely more attracted to those who love and accept themselves.

Loving People – How to Love Others

Loving people is important, but it is not always easy. Take a light-hearted but sincere look at why and how to see people as loveable, even if it doesn’t mean we will always feel goose bumps when certain people are around.

2 Simple and Effective Methods To Gain Clarity of Thought and Purpose and Develop Awareness

Did you know that you die each day? With every sleep and wake cycle you die to who you think you are and all that is right and particularly wrong in your life. You have the opportunity to begin anew. Seize the day to start afresh by developing a calm centre on a rock solid foundation. Focusing on your inner world provides clarity and develops awareness which is reflected in the outer world.

The Make-Up of the Soul

The term ‘make-up’ has so many diverse meanings which in one way or another all have fascinating spiritual correlations. There is a popular expression that short people ‘make up for it in other ways’. There is some truth in this.

What Goes With What?

Whether you have a well established wardrobe, or have simply read my series, “A Man’s Closet”, it can be tricky deciding what goes with what (or more importantly, what DOESN’T go with what). Let’s take a moment to pave our way towards looking our best, shall we?

Every Second Counts

There is a great deal to learn from sports. If we would invest just as much time learning from it as we do watching it, we would indeed be enriched! All forms of sportsmanship require a deep spirituality; focus and concentration are the keys to winning and striking the target!

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