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‘Tis the Season to Be – What?

It’s Christmas Time – or ‘the holidays’ – or the Festive Season. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s a time of the year that has significance in our calendar. Robert Holden said that it’s a time when your life seems to come under a magnifying glass. You tend to ask questions of yourself and perhaps even have questions asked of you.

How to Profit With Self-Discipline!

When it comes to having a profit, one has to look at self-discipline. In today’s changing economy, business has to be tough and have good follow through.

Change Your Life – 7 Foundational Steps to Change Your Life in 2011

The celebrations are winding down and here you stand at the top of the year wondering what this year holds for you, how you can change your life and live the life you desire to live. Here are 7 foundational steps you need to begin – inside this article.

Change Your Life – Identifying and Releasing Past Hurts and Disappointments

You may not be aware of the hurts and disappointments that are keeping you back from making the progress you’d like to experience. Some of the hurts and disappointments manifest in the form of fear, anger, resentment. But now is the time for you to free your mind, free your life so you can move forward and experience more of the good life has to offer. Let’s look at a few steps to help you along inside this article.

What Shapes Us: Following the Road to Change

Sorting out how we came to be who we are – and how to change it – is a tricky task. The puzzle is whether we get our abilities and skills because of what our parents gave us our what our experiences are like.

New Year Resolutions – Let’s Do It Differently!

Do you set New Year Resolutions every year only to find that by February you’ve slipped back into old habits? This article offers a totally new approach and gives you an inspiring and motivating way to kick-start the New Year.

The Gravity of I Can’t

The more I learn about Gravity, the more I learn how sneaky it is. I find Gravity within myself in the most unexpected, places – areas of my life where I would swear to you that I have cleared all remnants of limitation and past programming.

My Own Worst Enemy

I was so surprised to find these beliefs inherently buried in my subconscious. Guiding my thoughts, my behaviors and my dreams. I thought I was far beyond my old habits of financial limitation – but guess what? I only limited them to my subconscious. They were still alive and kicking in the back of my mind.

How to Be a TRUE Professional in the Work Place

Many people have a misconception that being rude or strict is professionalism. I have tried to draw a correct interpretation of Professionalism here.

Increase Productivity by ABL – Always Be Learning

Thought — “Life is a schoolroom that you are a part of on this plane of existence. It doesn’t end when 12th grade is over, it is with you until the day you transition from this life.

Running and the Journey

It occurred to me how running is a great metaphor when it comes to the journey of removing the images and projections we have of reality and seeing reality for what it truly is. Something that can also seem to be, two steps forward and one step back at times.

Can’t See the Forest From the Trees? Gain Perspective in Your Life By Keeping A Journal

Use your journal as a way to gain perspective and insight in your life. Re-reading your journal periodically will give you that perspective.

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