We Manifested a Beach House in Antigua | Full House Tour [MUST SEE!!]

You Too Can Soar Like the Eagle

“You will always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”- Wayne Gretzky. I have a personal message for you. Please read on.

The Law of Attraction – World Peace and the Law of Attraction

Most people want and wish for world peace. But what are they actually doing to get it? Are you aware that knowledge of the principles of the Law of Attraction can actually make this possible?

A Ray Without Sunshine

Imagine a hose connected to your navel, much like a vacuum cleaner hose. In truth, our Creator, the only true Cause, offers us everything we need to live and flourish and grow and to create all the desires of our heart. We receive everything we need right through this hose. The Creator is the giver and we are the receivers. As we receive what is given, we then extend what we receive into the kingdom as a co-creation with our Creator. How simple and uncomplicated. Yet somewhere along the way, the crazy mad idea took hold. You know the one; the one that says we’re separated from our Creator and are therefore vulnerable, unloved, unprotected, lacking and powerless. This false idea has wreaked havoc in our minds and every day we witness the tangible consequences of this grave misperception.

You Have Got To Hear What I Am Saying

Well, sure, efficiency is the hallmark of genuine progress, sure. But universal clarity and care is the genuine mark of quality as well as progress with efficiency. So, when I make the title, “you have got to hear what I am saying,” it is not anything narcissistic. It is a universal message everyone wants to get across.

How To Make Better Life Decisions

A time comes in your life when you have to make certain important decisions about some important matter. Whether it is about education, careers, finances, marriage or anything, one wrong decision could lead your life to disaster. So you must have to take every decision with great care and thorough deliberations.

How To Forgive An Unforgivable Jerk

I know what the Bible says about forgiveness. I know it is the right thing to do. But how the hell can it be done? Forgive and forget. Don’t think so. Right now, I feel like killing someone.

Characteristics of a Nerd

DUDE – you’re becoming a freaking nerd… Read this, you’ll see what I mean, and I’ll show you a great way out… so that you get the awesome benefits from your glorified hobbies without secretly becoming another Steve Urkel…

Bitterness – The Snare Of The Soul And How To Be Set Free

My goodness. Are we being a little bitter today? Watch out for that. It’s like a poisonous root that will strangle the life out of our soul. It is fed by unforgiveness and will eventually take over our heart, mind and body. In the clinic I worked at I would spend a few minutes rooming a patient before the doctor went in to see them. There were many occasions when the patient was angry with someone who hurt them.

The 3 Words That Changed My Life

What happened? How did I go from a stressed out woman who was always “too busy” living for the next thing to being relatively calm? It was these three words…

How To Eliminate Stress And Guilt By Having Integrity

Having integrity is extremely important to having a happy, functional life. If you have no integrity and your values are not aligned with your behaviours (if you say one thing but do another), it doesn’t matter if other people know, YOU will know that you are a hypocrite and your subconscious mind will find all sorts of ways to screw you over as a result. Some of these ways include:

Simple Tips On Getting The Most From Self Improvement Books

Become the person you’ve always dreamed of and wanted to be. Creating your amazing new life can quickly become a reality when you uncover powerful and proven strategies contained within classic personal development and self improvement books.

10 Quick Ways Women Can Empower Themselves

When you feel empowered you can accomplish anything you desire. Empowerment for women doesn’t mean you have to burn your bra or spit at the end of the bar. It doesn’t mean you need to be aggressive or stare down the nearest competitor with vigor. But there are a few things you can do to set yourself on the road to empowerment.

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