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Stand Out By Applauding Your Colleagues’ Success!

Being the first to recognize, congratulate and publicize your colleagues’ success can also be a great way to ensure your own. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and people remember you favorably when you are spreading good news about them. Cheering on your colleagues is not just the right thing; it’s also a wise career move.

Love Addiction-Christ-Codependency-Healing Corrupt Programming From Our Past

Why is it that so many people become love addicted? And what is love addiction anyway? And if it is love, can it be considered an addiction? True love feels nothing like craving a cigarette or a line of cocaine. Authentic love is patient, trusting, kind, joyful, consistent, non dramatic, contenting as well as peaceful. The love addiction so many people feel is more related to the bottomless pit found in some people’s souls, that were created by some psychic wounded formed in childhood. Love addiction is more about being addicted to the idea that the object of our desire is somehow going to fill that void.

The Impact of Being Unkind

Being unkind sounds like a simple thing that people get over, yet the little bouts of being unkind shake the nature of relationships to pettiness. Simple kindness goes a long way. How does being kind and respectful impact our lives? What does being unkind mean and why does it matter?

Top 10 Ways to Get Back on Track Today

I’m a country girl at heart. Had horses most my life and I’ve got dumped off a few times.

Map Your Vibration

Do you ever wish you knew how to map your vibration and see how close you are to manifesting what you want? Here’s the method I use to check my vibration.

Are You Achieving Personal Growth and Development? Do These 8 Signs Describe You?

Personal growth and development means carving out for yourself a life that is nurturing, fulfilling and whole, allowing your self-expression. Indeed, all are related to personal freedom… There are a number of ‘common denominators’ or signs indicating you are in that ongoing state of personal growth and development…

Adult Children of Alcoholics-Healing The Corrupt Childhood Programming

Adult children of alcoholics are usually immersed in emotional turmoil. Unaware that their childhood programming is at the root of all the drama in their lives, healing the pain sometimes feels like a hopeless battle. Read on and discover the importance of learning to heal the data from the past.

Growth Out of Greed

Proverbs 13:11, the bible says: “Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears; wealth from hard work grows over time.” In some cases there are people who work diligently (as King Solomon instructs the wise to do in Proverbs 12:24 “Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and become a slave.), yet they may have the wrong motive. There are many whose objective is to acquire riches so they may spend the rest of their lives in the lap of leisure and luxury. I think secretly we all desire this kind of life, however the bible offer us some words of wisdom from such a notion. Proverbs 25:27 says: “It is not good to eat too much honey, nor is it honorable to seek one’s own honor”.

Effective Communication – Getting Present

Harmony and fulfillment are arising in communication! Peace of mind is a function of communication! Love and intimacy is a function of communication! Without communication there is no effectiveness among people and no efficiency and increase in productivity among teams! Without communication there is no workability, nor team work!

Seven Suggestions for a Better Personality

Do you want to improve your personality, have more friends, and make more connections at work? This article outlines seven sure-fire ways to make life at home and work better. Even if you’re on the right track, if you stay there too long, you will get hit by another train. Keep moving, and read this empowering article.

Turn Your Midlife Crisis Into Mid-Life Transformation

Are you over 30 and do you feel like you haven’t done all that you wanted to do? Do you feel that you have not been true to yourself or your passions? Do you often feel depressed? Have you started making compulsive purchases? Well, you might be suffering from Midlife Crisis. And there are solutions to the same.

Dispelling the Myth – Social Media Teaches Us How We Believe In Things That Aren’t Real

If you have lived long enough to have any emotional upheaval in your life and have received advice about how things got so tangled up in your beliefs, you have lived the myth. Who hasn’t heard the truism that ‘you create your own reality,’ or ‘what you believe, you become.’ We understand the process better when we can see an example; and now we have one.

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