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Economic “Reform” is a Dragon You Can Slay

The economy is showing scary signs. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, and our generation may have to deal with the sort of privations and difficulties faced by our grandparents and great-grandparents in the Great Depression of the 1930s; I only hope it isn’t even worse. Are you ready?

Just Take the Next Step

It has been quite challenging for everyone living during these momentous times of change. Daily we are bombarded with all the news of what’s wrong in our world. We could look at this time as the beginning of the end of the world or, perhaps it is the beginning of the end of the world as we have experienced it so far.

Why Are You Here?

Today I spoke with a young lady that had one arm. She had lost both of her legs and one of her arms up to just about her elbow. She was one of the most fascinating people that I have spoken to in a long time. She was also one of the most positive and inspiring people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet in my life.

What Would You Say to Your Future Self?

More often, the keepsakes you think of passing on to your children are physical: personal photography and heirlooms. But why not pass on your wisdom, too?

From Baller to Bankrupt

There are so many players who are unprepared to handle the large sums of money that their talent has earned them. How does one lose so much in such a short period of time?

Learning to Be Unselfish

Our eternal identity is to serve. Selfishness is a diseased condition. All vices-lust, anger, envy, pride, greed and illusion-are simply based on this selfishness. To be charitable, to be in a service attitude, is real virtue.

IQ Vs EQ – Three Steps to Becoming Self-Aware

Self-Awareness is the place to start if you want to become Emotionally Intelligent. Self-Awareness is one of four pillars of EI and maybe the most important.

Self-Improvement – Where Does Your Energy Go?

We all tend to get overwhelmed by daily demand with the result that we keep doing things the same way over and over. It is when we stop and pay attention that we can consciously decide it it makes sense to keep doing things the same way.

Goal Setting and Quantum Learning Principles

Quantum learning principles were originally developed for business; then they moved to education. They are excellent ideas to explore when goal setting. Developing honest, responsible behavior in those areas applies to goal setting as well.

There Are Things That You Need to Change in Life

So what if you are planning to undergo plastic surgery to enhance your physical attributes? I think that is your right and if you feel comfortable with what you are doing and if it makes you happy then do not mind what other people will say.

Believe It, Achieve It!

When it comes to goal setting, business planning, dream building, and so on, you have to take small, but steady steps, at achieving them. If it is too much to fathom being a Millionaire, then your unbelief will actually prevent you from achieving that goal.

The 3 Most Common Personal Growth Mistakes Soul-Based Business Owners Make

Personal growth is critical to business growth. This article discusses the 3 common mistakes made by soul-based owners when it comes to their personal growth, and how to mitigate them.

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