WARNING! They Are Trying to SCAM You!! [Don’t Fall For it!]

Relationship Tips With A Younger Woman

An older man dating a younger woman has always been a cliche. The way that the media has stereotyped this kind of relationship has caused it to become much more acceptable. In fact, it has now become a trend. We see younger women with powerful men in politics, in Hollywood, and even in the lives of ordinary men.

Conflict – More of a Friend Than You May Think

This article looks at conflict and how we can negotiate it. Not to be afraid of it, but how to use a situation to benefit everyone. This article will show you how to successfully negotiate conflict so that you can become a powerful leader in your family and community.

Celebrate Freedom on the 4th of July – Freedom From Stuff!

This is a story about my life and the concept of minimalism. Does true happiness come from stuff? How can people,who have far less, be far more content and happier? Here are some reflections from my life.

Online Therapy – What Might You Discover About Yourself?

Online therapy – also known as e-therapy, e-counselling or cyber-counselling – involves a therapist providing support over the Internet. But does it work? How does it compare to face-to-face therapy? And is it worth a go?

Do What I Can

Things don’t always go according to plans or desires. As leaders and winners we must be able to deal with surprises. We can’t cower in the face of surprise or adversity. We must have many things to work on and be able to make adjustments as necessary to do what we can.

How Rules And The Law Of Attraction Can Enhance Your Excellence

A while back, as well as to date, there has actually been a lot of information spread about The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction merely specifies that “Like brings in like”. Simply put, if you think that life is difficult which you cannot make it how hard you attempt,then that is exactly what it will be for you. Not just that, you will likewise draw the kind of individuals who are like minded, the individuals whose thinking are that restricted too.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – Become Bigger Than Your Problems

Everyone has problems, big and small, but how are you dealing with them? I think that this is a great concept. It takes a strong person to be bigger than your problems. Any problem is only as big or small as you make it.

Being Challenged – Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This article follows the story of two girls who travelled to Malawi and Romania for work projects and relates what can be learned when we push ourselves outside our comfort zone. It also poses a few questions about what we can all learn about challenging ourselves and going further.

How Others Who Eagerly Practice The Law of Attraction Can Strengthen Each Other

One of the significant perceptions of The Law of Attraction is that every little thing is basically linked with each other. This suggests that the transfer of info is possible, despite the restrictions of space or period. While remarkable in its own right, you could question exactly what this implies to you in a realistic meaning. If you make a coordinated effort to focus your ideas on the exact same objective, it does not even matter where you are.

Being Resilient – What Skills and Attitudes You Need

We all know that we want to be more resilient but don’t really know what it involves. This article unpacks some of the things we need to be and do, before during and after an event occurs on our lives.

Hope – A POWERFUL Force

Hope is one of the greatest assets in a Believer’s life. Not the “hope for a better day” type hope but HOPE that transforms our everyday lives, and those around us. Biblical hope is the EXPECTANCY of GOOD, the delightful anticipation of GOOD. Often when the word “hope” is used it’s used in the sense of “wishing” for good or for “the best” scenario to play out. But with God, HOPE is SECURE; it’s established and cannot be shaken.

Does God Still Speak Today?! Part ONE

The answer to this question is a loud, resounding YES! God certainly still speaks today; the problem is our hearing and listening. God longs for us to listen to His voice, He is constantly speaking in various ways- to both believers in Jesus and unbelievers alike. The question is why can we not hear?

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