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Focus and The Law of Attraction Simplified

The article explains in simple terms the relationship between what a person focuses on and the Law of Attraction. Although this relationship is covered in many articles and books, the author of this article goes beyond what has been covered to explain that the relationship between the two is not as simple as many writers portray it to be. For example, he emphasizes the fact that the relationship between the two is not necessarily automatic. Certain conditions need to be present for the relationship to work. He goes on to outline how those conditions can be put in motion in order to make the Law of Attraction produce the results we want, instead of relying on the law to produce the results on our behalf. After reading the article you will understand the fact that although the law is driven by natural forces, there is a lot we can do to control how it impacts us, and the direction our lives take. Although it is driven by natural forces, at the end of the day we control how it affects us through the goals we achieve.

5 Simple Ways to Handle Boredom

Do you experience boredom frequently? Do you have friends or members of your family who continuously complain of boredom? If your answer is yes to these questions, you will find this article very helpful.

Shaykh Fasehullah Shah’s Powerful Speech

Do not fight holy wars, seeking to kill other creations of Allah because of their religions. Fight a holy war to destroy religious hatred within yourself. That will bring glory to the inner religion spoken of by Allah and the Rasulullah (SAW). Do not serve God with the motive of gaining titles, honors and praise. Do not set out to capture the kingdom of Allah and the wealth of His grace, thinking in your arrogance that they belong to you alone.

Growing Talent? Just Add Myelin

In game-changing books like Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, Geoff Colvin’s Talent is Overrated, and Daniel Coyle’s The Talent Code, the mechanics of talent are broken down to a few simple things. In any field, it has the following essential formula: ‘Talent = Yearning + Input + Coaching + Deliberate Practice, Sustained Over Time.’ The formula is simple. Applying it, of course, is where the work lies. Let’s break it down for a closer look…

9 Times Curiosity Softens Judgment

Why it’s important to stay curious without judgment. Wisdom and knowledge grow in curiosity but judgment kills inner growth.

Perceive a Better You

How you perceive yourself will contribute to or detract from your success and happiness in life. Most people call this self-esteem. They suggest you need a vision of your life as you would like it to be so you can move toward success.

Is It Possible That A Wrong Road Will Lead Us In the Right Direction?

Most of us are not so lucky that we will find our true calling on the first try. Sometimes something will seem perfect initially, but that perfection wears thin over time. Some avenues are just not meant for us, but every road we take has lessons to teach us.

How To God Journal and Get Your Prayers Answered

I am a breast cancer survivor and because of spending nearly 3 years in the hospital trying to stay alive, I can tell you from my heart that it is only because of the grace of God that I am alive today. I’ve read many excellent books that taught me how to find God, but at the time of my illness I wasn’t too sure He even existed, so I took God with a grain of salt. It’s one thing to read about God, but it’s another to have actual proof.

Are Personality and Character the Same?

People often confuse personality and character, but the two differ greatly. Once you learn how they differ, you can harness that knowledge to generate amazing personal growth. You can, in fact, set self-improvement goals for both your personality and your character. The trick is to understand what each term means.

The Impact of Saying Thank You

We all experience times when people do things for us that are meaningful to us. Do we truly let them know how much we appreciate them?

6 Factors That Determine the Quality of Your Life

You only have one life to live and you have the sole responsibility to live it right. Making the best out of your existence on earth is not something that you just come across, it doesn’t just happen. You must take deliberate steps daily to ensure that you live your life on purpose.

Want to Make a Friend? Let Them Do You a Favor

Helping others adds good feelings to my daily life. Letting others help me, whether I need it or not, spreads the smiles. Don’t be stingy.

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