WARNING! Speeding Up Law of Attraction Can Manifest Chaos [MUST AVOID!]

Are You Downright Boring? (How to Be Interesting)

No one likes to be around a person who’s never excited about anything and bores everyone else to death. It’s high time you should look at your life and give some positive changes to it, if you are (or don’t want to be) a boring person.

How To Turn the Ordinary Into The Extraordinary!

I have spent my entire life growing up in the Personal Development industry and have coached hundreds of clients from around the world in achieving Rapid Results in their life and business. Over the years I have found that one of the key ingredients of incredibly successful entrepreneurs is their ability to identify areas they must improve on in their life and constantly strengthen their weakest points to ensure they are constantly growing and expanding their ability to conquer new challenges that arise. Here is a simple story that can give you a simple strategy to get the results you desire and deserve!

How To Deal With Mistakes – Checklist

It is hard to accept and live with mistakes. When you fail and make a mistake, sometimes it helps to have a predetermined mental procedure (checklist) to help govern the process more quickly and efficiently. My checklist for dealing with mistakes and failures is provided below.

Your Hidden Power

Know it or not, we are all of two minds. The conscious mind deals with out daily events, but the subconscious is our steering mechanism. Without the cooperation of the subconscious mind, lasting change is almost impossible.

Thinking Like A Man, Harms A Successful Woman, and How Brainwave Entrainment Can Help

To be successful in the business world, sometimes a woman has to think like a man. Doing so may leave her body and mind stressed. Brainwave entrainment can help her incorporate the best of the “brain chemicals” to help her be successful and still healthy.

Using the Coffee Spoon Method to Establish a Positive Habit

You started the New Year with a determined resolution to establish a positive new habit that you know will make your life better. By March, you are still doing the same old thing you always did. On top of that, you are depressed because you’ve made no progress at all establishing that new habit. You are simply using the wrong tool. You are using a shovel instead of a coffee spoon.

An Exercise To Attain Objective Detachment

This is an excellent exercise to attain an objective detachment to events and retain a freedom from being negatively emotionally effected. Most often, when someone says something that is wrong, we jump at the chance to correct them…this serves no other purpose than to make you look and feel smarter than the other person by putting them down in front of others.

Fear of Failure and the Art of Ukemi: 3 Lessons From Aikido

When stakes are high, we often hold back because we’re afraid we’ll make a mistake, look foolish, hurt others, or get hurt ourselves. Using the Aikido metaphor, we’re afraid of falling down. In Aikido, falling is an art form–the art of ukemi (receiving). We don’t see falling down as failure, because we don’t see what we’re doing as a contest.

Fun Exercises for Personal Growth and Development

Growing as a person doesn’t have to be serious business all the time! Read on to learn about the more fun side of becoming a better you!

Are You Prepared to Do Whatever It Takes to Become Successful?

Not everyone becomes as successful as they want to during their lifetime. There are people who seem to turn everything they touch to gold, people who just never seem to make it, and those who are constantly striving for and seeking something better from life. Which category do you fit into?

A Look Into Career Development for Inspiration

Financial resource is behind every business, large or small. Money is also the power you need to provide for your family the standard of living you feel they deserve. It’s power to contribute in a social context.

How To Be At Peace

We all want to feel good and be at peace during our day. We strive for this and attain it at times, but during the course of our day, we struggle to keep that feeling. We get lost in our day-to-day motions and forget how important it is to come from this place, to exist in this way. We lose the balance we had because we are too busy, worried, stressed, anxious, or any other of the many ways we choose to feel.

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