Warning!! Retrograde Is Coming to an End | 3 Things You Must Do NOW!

Would You Like You?

Each of us have our strengths and our weaknesses, and have certain eccentricities, traits, qualities, etc., that are favorable, or objectionable. Almost no one has the ability to objectively view himself as others do, and thus, many of us never even attempt to address needed adjustments.

Cure for Social Phobia: Will There Be One?

There just might be a cure on the horizon. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), normally used only for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), has shown promise for treating Social Anxiety. While I wouldn’t call it a “cure” yet, this treatment might yield the best and longest lasting results.

The Value of Honesty

Honesty, like success cannot be measured in money. Honest people may or may not achieve the financial success of their less-honest brethren, but regardless of their bank balances, their lives will be more fulfilled and they will be truly honoured and celebrated after death. They are the real leaders of mankind… the ones we all look up to and the ones we all want to emulate.

Why Bother Reading?

With a business to run, a family to care for, and community obligations, it’s easy to find reasons not to pick up a book. If you’re serious about living the richest possible life, finding time for regular encounters with books filled with ideas, information and inspiration can make a bigger difference than many people realize.

Secret Life of The Midlife Woman’s Mind

Feeling like a grown up is normal at midlife. So is the occasional teen-like tantrum of “Don’t tell me what to do.” Why is it that after so much living and learning we can quickly revert to shut down and petulant? Is it something in the water? More likely it’s something in our subconscious that wants to keep things just the way it is. Knowing that the subconscious is afoot can open the way for us to get on with the business of growing and trying new things. After all, we’ve still got plenty to learn and new things to try.

4 Ways You Can Build Your Willpower

If you hear the word “willpower”, you probably relate it to activities like quitting that ugly smoking habit or even losing weight. Yes, willpower is very important for those instances, but there are other areas of your life in which it will become extremely useful if you just let it!

Presence: Meditating On The Gift That Keeps On Giving

This article discusses the relationship between mindfulness as developed through meditative techniques and the creation of space to develop new perspectives on relating to one’s self and others. To be present with one’s experiences while developing an observing self can lead to life changing increases in emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence leads to developing trust in one’s self to learn from our new experiences and become wiser in terms of how to obtain meaningful satisfaction in our lives.

Roads to Riches With Feng Shui

Making more money and having more wealth opportunities is not just a case of fixing your Feng Shui. Your personal Destiny Code comes into the equation as well.

3 Steps to Get Through the Crossroads of Life

Being at a crossroad in life can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Just follow these 3 simple steps that can get you moving forward again in life!

What Is Emotional Health?

Health is defined as ‘absence of illness.’ Another aspect of it is resilience-ability of the body to bounce back from illness causing pathogens. Emotional health is also about resilience- ability to bounce back from a distressing experience.

If Only They Knew

I mean through discipline there is much more to learn than the acceptance of humility. It forces a stillness of harmony within, and a reward of a humbling peace. It brings a peace that feels as if a void has been filled with more than just hope.

We Can Plan

Although we all may not have a systemized planning program where we log things into a binder that we have to do and scratch them off as we do them, we all plan. We all have ideas about what we want to do and take some actions on things we have to do. We have to plan for obvious reasons in order to eat, to go somewhere and to do just about anything we do.

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