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How to Set a Goal in Your Life

I would like to talk about a very important thing in life. It concerns the GOAL you have in mind. The Goal is the target you have thought of to achieve something and make a name for yourself.

Asking the Question How Teachable am I Will Determine If You’re Ready for Your Master

How teachable am I? In this article you will learn what teachable means and how you’re going to apply it to your life in order to achieve success. Teachable is broken into two categories. How willing are you to learn? How willing are you to change?

The Audacity to Have H.O.P.E.

Recently, my 16 year old sent me a text message, “Life is like riding a bike, it doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you keep moving.” We have reached a crossroads of sorts in life. Although you may want to stop pedaling, you must choose to keep the squeaky wheels rolling. You may not be gaining much ground, but the fact that you are still pedaling is a sign that you are winning.

10 Books About Life You Should Read

I am an avid reader and love to share my reviews or titles that would be great reading material. At First Sight is a wonderful story about a writer who goes to another town and films lights in a cemetery. As oddly enough it captures attention but not in the scary sense but in a good sense. The man meets a woman and falls in love “at first sight.”

The Seed of War VS Embracing Our Differences

Have you ever considered what the seed of war is? Take a moment and give it some thought. If you want, jot down some of your ideas before you continue reading.

Coping With The Top Holiday Stresses

According to Mental Health America, the top three holiday stressors are finances, feeling the loss of loved ones and being overwhelmed with all that feels necessary for the holidays. Let’s consider the top three stressors and see if we can lighten the load somewhat.

Five Things You’Re Supposed to Be Doing

Have you ever wondered what it is you’re supposed to be doing in order to live your highest and best life? As a Life Purpose Coach and spiritual teacher, I hear this question a lot from my clients. What they’re really asking is, “What is my life purpose and how can I do the work of my destiny?” The true answer lies within you. This article gives you five ways to discover what you’re supposed to be doing.

How Much Good Can You Let Into Your Life?

There is a secret challenge to putting your spiritual journey on the fast track that no one is talking about. The core of your Being is a glorious well-spring of meaningful guidance, purpose, and radiant vitality. As you face your shadow, align your intent, and learn to consciously connect to that Source, your life changes.

The Benefits of Crystals in Natural Healing

How “Crystals”, can be used effectively in ‘natural healing’. ‘Using healing crystals’ in our life.

Challenges Are Always Difficult – But Necessary

I have no doubt that many of you have faced some measure of what you thought were insurmountable challenges in the past year. You may have lost a job, a family member or a beloved pet. Maybe you had to overcome the trials and tribulations of health issues and medical payments. Early this year I too had a difficult challenge to overcome.

Ideas for Success

Merely creating an idea is not a great idea, but the way of executing the idea will determine your triumph. Irrelevant to which field you are engaged in, the one thing you are always looking for is an “idea.”

Let Us Have a Close Look at Hope

Hope means different things to different people and has different connotations to same person at different times. An attempt has been made here to gather these different states, in a special way using only the four letters of the word in the sequential order in which they appear in the word HOPE.

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