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A Righteous Life Journey

Why do we judge each other so freely in the first place? This function of our ego mind and it does indeed serve a purpose.

Building a Positive Self-Image: Confidence Building Tips for Successful Personality Transformation

Let’s face it: Everyone you know who has become really successful in business has been successful in building a positive self-image, right? And, believe it or not, most weren’t born with “confidence building tips” in their back pocket. So how did they do it? I’ve narrowed it down to these four “confidence building tips” as taken from Dr. Maltz’s “Psycho-Cybernetics”…

Why Are We So Different?

Why, when we are born pretty much the same, do we become so different? Life is different for each of us, and we each respond to life as individuals in our own ways. What happens and how different we become are not the point. How we deal with what happens and becoming the right things are.

Your Choice – Fear Or Learn To PERCEIVE?

Why do so many of us let things that we are fearful of becoming our controlling forces, rather than developing the inner fortitude and strength to become better able to control these, put them into perspective, and thus learn to PERCEIVE ways of doing and being better? Whether we do so consciously or subconsciously, we each end up making choices about what we do (or don’t), what we care about most (or least), and what we will actually do to address things? Eventually, we all must discover and admit (at least to ourselves) that how we handle our personal insecurities…

Is the Law of Attraction a Bunch of Baloney?

Is the Law of Attraction a bunch of baloney or not? Does it really work? What exactly is the Law of Attraction? Can it help me get what I want? This article answers those questions.

How To Transform Fears To PLANS?

Nearly everyone has and faces fears on a somewhat regular basis. Each of us would, therefore, benefit from understanding that having some degree of fear or trepidation is normal and perfectly acceptable, but that what differentiates the most successful individuals from the others is identifying those items we are fearful of, and then developing a methodology and/ or approach to best proceed in an impactful, meaningful, useful and productive manner. Therefore, it is incumbent on each of us who wish to boost our personal growth, to transform these fears in a productive manner, and convert them to the planning stage…

Stop Cheating Yourself

Here I am again… I lost focus… I let life get in the way… I let my mind get the best of me… I used every excuse in the book! Stop cheating yourself!

How To Monetize Your Life Purpose Learning

How to monetize your life purpose means you can focus your working life on making money by making a difference rather than just going to work to pay bills. But it is not as simple as charging for your gifts or doing what love hoping the money will follow…

Commanding Your Quantum DNA

DNA carries our genetic information, all of it, from lifetime to lifetime; and it doesn’t change! Not even from lifetime to lifetime, it doesn’t change. Remarkable, isn’t it? So how can we use this information today? Maybe it’s time to meet this giant.

What Is Personal Development? A Different Perspective

Personal Development is surrounded by myths and it is made mysterious. In my experience, all these tools and magical solutions are misleading, and all we need is to find inside of us, the gifts, talents, expression that are here, and having the courage to express them. In this article, I am sharing this perspective. You are not broken, there are just some beliefs, ideas and thoughts that are not allowing you to find these gifts. Learn more. This is the first article of a series I am publishing.

Improve Your Lifestyle With A Coach

The stress and pace of modern life leave little time for our personal assessment. There are good and bad Life Coaches out there. This article will give you an overview of what a Life Coach should be able to help you with.

The Heart of Humility and Humanity

Approaching business and life with an open heart – the heart of humility and humanity – makes you a steward of good, an ambassador for healing and understanding. Here is where one is able to stand in compassion, forgiveness and allowing.

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