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7 Successful Study Tips For Adult Learners

Most adults are going back to colleges and universities to proceed with their studies either online or offline. Many of the adults are seeking their career related degree either for career advancement or preparation of a job promotion. If you have been working for sometimes, going back to college may not be an easy task to adapt to the new system of study and complete your study successfully.

Morning Rituals To Feed the Soul

Morning ritual. Food for the soul, nourishment for the spirit. Something to carry you through the day.

Living the Loving Way

There are only two ways a person can choose to live: lovingly or selfishly. There are many degrees of selfishness, but there are no degrees of love. It is like being pregnant. You can’t be a little bit pregnant.

What Do Happy People Do Differently?

Look at the people around you and you will discover two main types, the happy ones and the unhappy ones. This feeling of happiness or unhappiness does not come from wealth, fame or material possessions; instead, it comes from within. The wealthiest person you know may actually be the most miserable, while your poorest acquaintance could be the happiest person you know, brimming with infectious optimism and positivity. Happy individuals are happy because they choose to make themselves happy by maintaining a positive attitude about life and preserving peace within themselves. How do they achieve that? The answer is rather simple. They have good habits which enhance their lives and they do things differently.

The ONE Thing You’ve Got to Have for Change to Happen

We all have times when we think to ourselves – “I’d like to do this new thing” or “I’d like to change that about myself.” But without one specific ingredient, we either can’t make the change stick or we can’t make the change at all.

Beauty Or Personality?

They say beauty is skin deep. This is so true. A lot of beautiful people who appear pleasing to the eyes pass by us but only a few of them capture our hearts and give us beautiful memories to cherish.

Trapped by Constraints? Survive! Thrive!

In my previous job I worked on many change management projects and there were times I felt like my efforts were really constrained. Some of the constraints I identified with were – lack of funding, lack of resources or lack of the ‘right’ resources, company processes, decisions that were out of my hands, limited alignment with others I needed help from, I could…

Stop the Fantasies That Debilitate Accomplishment

Stop wasting energy that drains your sense of self and forces you to deal with false scenarios.Though all past issues may have put you into situations that you find yourself in now, it is essential that you break out of your self-imposed limitations regardless of whether or not you acknowledge yourself as the progenitor of your frustration and torment. Break out of it now and live your life by your divine right to live in joy and freedom, and do it now, without any form of mental reservation.

Maintaining Your Overall Hygiene

One of the major causes of illness and diseases is improper personal hygiene. Therefore, maintaining good overall hygiene is of foremost importance. Washing your hands and body regularly, cleaning the things that u come in contact with, using tissues while coughing and sneezing are a few examples of simple things that you can keep in mind in order to take care of the hygienic conditions around you.

Is Resistance Holding You Back?

Resistance can make achieving goals and life transformations extremely difficult. This article provides 7 effective resistance busters that can be used any time you find yourself up against a powerful wall of resistance.

Resistance and the Shadow Career

Clues to our authentic, natural life can often be found be found in the daydreams we have, in the hobbies we love. Sometimes glimmers of our authentic, natural live can even be found in aspects of our current careers, even careers we no longer enjoy.

Creating Habits The Easy Way

There is a painless way for us to create habits that will move us forward toward the success that we deserve to have in life. All of us have habits that we would like to change into ones that are more productive. But, sticking to something for 21 days uses up more willpower than we possess. So, ow do we go about creating habits without any pain?

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