WARNING! Before You Manifest a Million Dollars.. NOTE to Stay Humble! [REAL TALK! – MUST WATCH!!]

Peering Behind the Curtain

When Jesus died for our sins, the veil, or curtain, that concealed God was removed. Yet some people prefer to keep that veil in place. Others refuse to admit there is a veil at all. Which one are you? Are you willing to pull back the veil and see yourself as someone always in need of a Savior?

Be Free of Evaluations of Others

In almost every phase of our lives, at home, at school, and at work, we find ourselves under the rewards and criticism of external judgment. This is judgement for ourselves and of others.

Tea For Two

Many people, no matter what age or gender, tell me that they hate networking. Yes, it does seem like work at times but the bigger issue for most people seems to be striking up a conversation with a stranger. Some also feel that it is a waste of time because it really doesn’t lead to meaningful connections and future business.

Shifting Your Life Into High Gear With Subliminal Audios

Attempting to stay the same will not be a positive move going forward as we do things differently and strive to become better people. This is about turning on the music and listening to the point that our lives are drastically better over the course of several months, and it just has to be accepted that real dynamic change is happening.

Embracing Insane Success With Subliminal Audios

Rebuilding your mind and life with the focus of getting what you desire and want is a very rare goal for most people. It almost doesn’t fit that we should have to reprogram our entire minds and lives just because we picked up a few loose thoughts and habits while on this planet. Though it tends to be the case that we accidentally think and take up mental and emotional habits that literally do not serve us and that do not align with our highest good.

Emerging Corporate and Business Communication Trends in 2018-2019

Communication is the base of business. One of the most fundamental elements encompassing customers, partners, employees – both on site and remote, and any number of others that a business muct stay stay in touch with – 24/7. add to that the way the modern world works.

Releasing Past Negativity With Subliminal Audios

It can be a very large and nagging problem to carry around your past emotional negativity and other issues that have lingered with you for some time. No one wants to carry their issues around long term, but few are seriously willing to put in a tiny bit of effort in order to firmly and finally release that internal tension and frustration.

Your Habits Are Your Personality

This article is to explore and test the concept of altering the personality through changes of habitual patterns for the purpose of attaining emotional freedom from fears and inhibitions, resulting in healthy self-esteem. This is the first article in a short series about the relationship between habits and personality, and how to effect permanent, positive changes to ones personality through working with habits. This first article will give the background on habits in respect to this principle and the relationship to personalty.

Hug Your Loved Ones… Leave Everyone Else Alone!

Given all the stories of inappropriate or unwelcome touching, it might be time to reevaluate the way we treat the personal space of each other. I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s when greetings didn’t go much further than a handshake. A firm handshake for guys and a gentle handshake for girls. Hugs and kisses were reserved for family members that encouraged them or people you were dating. However, boys will be boys and girls will be unpredictable.

Moving Into A New Future With Subliminal Audios

Moving forward and developing your life away from any past negativity and turmoil is a very challenging idea and task for most people, though it doesn’t have to be this way. We have to understand that our lives can bend and change very quickly if we use the right tools to enhance ourselves, but that does not mean that we can use just any tool to bring us back on track.

C Is For Crystal Clear

Many women would agree that they are juggling way too many responsibilities. It is not just home and work but also extended family obligations, volunteering, etc. Although we would “like to do it all” I have found looking back over my life that I wish I had turned down some of this stuff and focused more on what makes me feel fulfilled.

Developing A Stronger Life Through Subliminal Audios

Growing and evolving does not have to be a confusing or difficult process, because we all know that tools exists to enhance our minds. The main confusion and frustration lies in selecting what to use and not getting side tracked with too many options.

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