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Is Procrastination Linked To Negative Thinking?

If you want to cure your procrastination tendencies then the first step in this direction is to check your own mindset. And how will you check your mindset? It’s simple. Honestly look at yourself and ask…

How To Liberate Yourself By Letting Go Of The Need to Be Right

When I was twenty-seven, I thought I knew almost everything. At thirty-seven, it was becoming apparent that I wasn’t nearly as smart as I had originally thought. Now, at forty-seven, I realise I don’t know much at all. In fact, if I stay on my current trajectory, by fifty-seven I will be a total ignoramus and by sixty-seven I may well be a plant in the foyer of some fancy hotel.

Seeking Truth

About 10 years ago a started listening to Coast to Coast AM, with Art Bell and George Noory. When I got the internet I had easy access to the websites of the guests they had on. I think that everyone worldwide should have access to the internet because of the knowledge and instructions they would receive.

Fulfillment and Contentment and What Often Passes for It

A real sense of fulfillment is conceptual; it is a feeling that elevates your awareness. You can’t just meander around the park expecting that you will find fulfillment. It is imperative to have your own definition of fulfillment and to understand that fulfillment must serve a higher purpose. You cannot achieve fulfillment through expedience.

About Survival and Devotion: What’s Wrong With Us?

When I first began learning to do change-work (this was more than thirty years ago now), as I was learning to work with behavioral and belief-related issues both, I was struck by two ever-present, apparently contradictory realities: 1) that personal, conscious choice was the most important factor in creating and allowing growth and change, and 2) that personal, conscious choice didn’t seem to affect much of anything at all-not really. I mean, how many millions of times a day do humans say, “I want to be happy,” or, “I choose to be well,” and how often did/does this seem to make a difference?

Change Is Excellent and Keeps Our Mind Attentive

The brain adapts to change, and although it resists, our mind finally gets the message. One reason that we fight change is because it takes some time for our mind to accept the idea. We do things automatic once our mind is in-tune with what we want. With some conscious effort on our part, we can carry out many things without much thought. This is what I call behavioral acting – when we are in the habit of performing certain tasks. While learning a new task or bringing about a change, we must pay close attention to our reasoning. Doing something that is unfamiliar to us requires acting behavior.

Secret Lives, Pain and Fear Go Hand in Hand

Secrets will keep you bound! Nothing, that we feel is so concerning, that we cannot share it and thus, allow it to control us. Nothing should control you; but you. Many of us stay in the place of keeping secrets because of fear. Fear of what will happen if our secret(s) is found out. It would be wise to consider what will happen if the secret isn’t found out.

All the Lovely Porcelain People

Why is it so much easier to stare mindlessly at a television than it is to broaden said mind. As a self-confessed ‘tele-addict’ yet not a complete idiot, I wonder why we let apathy get the better of us…

The Art of Loving Self

How does this happen to so many women? I’ve been aware of my self loathing for as long as I can remember. My overweight round body has been my excuse to not participate fully in life, to not realize my potential, to not enter into long term relationships, to have no abundance, to settle for less than what I deserved – after all, what man would choose someone fat to love, I certainly wouldn’t.

Architect of My Own Life

I put negative energy out into the universe and guess what? It came right back to me. Great lesson in the Law of Attraction.

How Super Speed Learning Helps You Learn in Minutes

How do we keep up with change? With things changing so quickly, we need to find the best way to step up, and keep up. You can’t afford to be left behind.

Conquering the Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is widespread; for understandable reasons. Most people want success and yet only those people who are courageous enough to face this kind of fear are the ones capable to climb above their fears and attain whatever goals they have set out to achieve.

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