Visualization Guided Meditation What Do You Want to Accomplish

3 Steps to Reclaiming Your Personal Power

I see it again and again with my clients; I hear it again and again with my friends – but when we (often voluntarily) give away our personal power and succumb to “external circumstances”, meaning we do as others tell us or accept another’s opinion as our own, we give-up a certain amount of our freedom too. Yes, it is often easier to accept the decision that has been made on our behalf, rather than spending some time and thoughts deliberating what we think is best for us. Yes, it is sometimes more convenient to say “yes”, obey and follow the “flock”, rather than going in the opposite direction and blazing a new trail. The question is, how does that make us feel?

The Impact Speed Learning Can Have on Your Life

Studies show that most people over the age of 25 are not learning any more, or they are learning very little. The learning curve for most peaks at the age of seven. By the time we’re 16 that curve starts going down. The problem here seems to be not that people can’t learn; it’s that they choose not to, for whatever reason.

Still On Good Manners in the Digital Era

In my previous post, I posted some questions about having good online etiquette. Here are the suggestions given by the authors in the Reader’s Digest article and I injected some of my thoughts on it as well: Is it appropriate to use emoticons and abbreviations in official e-mail? Well, it’s a yes and a no.

5 Keys to Living With Certainty

How can we live with certainty in a world where we so often hear that nothing is certain? Are there ways to begin new tasks with a greater certainty that we can overcome challenges? Here are five keys to living with certainty.

Personal Development – Secrets of Self Made Millionaires Review

Personal development is a multi-layered journey that includes different aspects of the person. For those who concentrate on making money this Secrets of Self Made Millionaires Review will attempt to convey the essence of the program and particularly the man behind it.

We Can All Make a Difference

You do not have to be endowed with fame and fortune to make a difference in this world! That may have been the case in past centuries. Into the 21st century, our world is witness to a phenomenal leap forward in every facet of human endeavours. Many people reach out across the world at times of disaster or tragedy. The success of legitimate charitable organization comes from the people who donate time and money to a worthwhile cause.

Do You Have Royal Manners?

The whole world is all agog with the upcoming royal wedding of the year. With just a little over a week from now, second-in-line to the British throne, Prince William, will finally wed his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton. All eyes will be watching and it seems that the world is taken by storm with everything royal.

Jail, Locked Up Yet Finally Set Free

Why does it take being locked up before a person can be set free from arrogance and pride? Why does it take the darkness of a dungeon before a person can see the light? These are some of the life lesson questions learned behind bars.

Spring: A Time of Rebirth

In the spring seeds are planted and then begin to sprout. We can plant seeds of our intents, of our desires, of our goals, and then through our intentions, bring them forth in our lives. What have you planted in your life? What will bloom for you this year?

Five Ways To Break The Mundane Pattern Of Everyday Life

Sometimes we can’t help but to get bombarded by everyday life and eventually just go through the motions of living, like some kind of automated robot. We wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to bed, and then do it all over again the next day. We have to remember that there’s more to life than just work and home.

Feeling Stuck Today? 3 Ways of Releasing Old Energy

I woke up this morning feeling really good. I did my normal morning ritual – meditating, visualizing achieving my goals, and writing in my journal. I felt great afterwards, so I thought, “Hey, I’m going to have an awesome start to the week, and flow through my day with grace and ease.”

How To Be Irresistible and Irreplaceable

For many years I’ve been doing something that has been so natural that I had no idea it was a “marketing strategy”. I think of it more as a spiritual strategy that has been working like magic to attract and retrain clients.

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