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Change: Is Past Behavior Really the Best Indicator of Future Behavior?

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard this saying from cynical, yet well-meaning people. I don’t buy it. Maybe that’s what has brought me the changes in my mind and life, my resistance to accepting the notion that people don’t change or that they can’t change, the opinion that “past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.” The idea is absurd, from any viewpoint, but far too many people buy into it and accept it as their “reality.” And because they accept it…

The Garden Principle for Life: Reaping That Harvest

A harvest is of course the gardener’s goal. For one, it might be a bounty of prized tomatoes. For another it could be that award winning bottle of wine. Regardless of the end goal, there is a process which cannot be dismissed. Success demands it.

Living Your Destiny

When we think of our destiny, we think of fulfilling our purpose and living our life as we are meant to. But what does this really mean?

What Peace Means

We have the ability to consciously connect to both ourselves and the world around us continuously, and therefore we have the ability to find peace in every moment. It is not some imagined time in the future we are aiming for; it is right now that peace is available.

Waiting For Life

Does your life feel like it has no purpose or plan, that you are just using up time? Do you wonder when it will get better and when will you start really living your life? When you feel this way there is a reason. You are waiting because your real you is absent in this life you are living.

It’s Easy to Teach What Was Hard to Learn

I have found that the practice of meditation requires a sense of serenity – a surroundings or environment in which the senses can sit still. The words that we hear when we are silent can be internal or external – the internal ones are suspect – possibly trappings of what we want to hear – but the words that are carried on the wind – now those are the ones that we need to listen to with exquisite keenness.

Your Essential Life Choices

Of the choices and decisions we make each day, even the seemingly minor choices affect our essential being. Part of our responsibility as rational and functional beings is to be conscious of our impact on the world we are living in today as well as what we teach our children and the legacy we leave for them.

Avoid Mistakes and Encourage Self Growth

In your constant quest for self growth, you must know what mistakes others have done. You can then avoid these to hasten your journey to your desired result.

Personal Improvement Tips: Updating Your Wardrobe

There are various ways to get started on your road to personal improvement, and one of them is to update your wardrobe! Read on to find out more!

The Power Of WHY

Starting everything by asking ourselves why we are doing things will enable us to achieve great results. This will be our primary reason for doing things and achieving them.

Life Change: Become A Creator

Did you know that you have created the life you are currently living? The house you live in, the salary you earn, the car you drive, the company you keep – you have created it all…

It’s Time To Take A Stand

What do you stand for? I challenge you to take a long, hard look at your life. Are you happy? Are you being everything you have always imagined you could be?

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